Joe Budden Can Still Rap His A*s Off!

Ok, ok, ok, let’s get all of the common Joe Budden narratives out of the way, son. He’s irrelevant, he’s a one-hit wonder, he’s a crackhead and he’s a woman beater who only dates video models. Did I nail all of the social media digs against him? Ok, good. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I must say, I’ve always been a Joe Budden fan. I know, I know, people think I’m in the minority here. However; if folks would get past the words of Twitter and Instagram trolls, they’d realize something easily noticeable: that man can rap his ass off. With that being said, his new album, Rage & The Machine, is exactly what I wanted to hear from this dude.

Now, when I say I’ve always been a Joe Budden fan, I should probably provide some context. I started peeping his skill back when he used to rhyme with Fabolous and Paul Cain on DJ Clue mixtapes. As a matter of fact, it was this particular freestyle that made me a fan. When homie said “I get around, like to travel, like to move my pivot,” I was sold, son. I mean, I’m an East Coast dude, man. We’re all about the punchlines, something that’s painfully missing from Rap right now. In any case, after hearing all of the freestyles, hearing “Focus,” and ultimately, “Pump It Up,” I had to buy his debut album. That’s right, I purchased his debut album, son. Big whoop, wanna fight about it? Moving on, on that album, I used to rock out a lot to “Pusha Man” and wax poetically with my bro Fabian about the virtues of “10 Mins.

So, before I bore everyone out there about my unceasing fandom, it’s safe to say, I’ve been there for the entire ride. I’ve been there for his shelved second album, The Growth. I’ve been there for the Mood Muzik mixtape series. I’ve been there for the Slaughterhouse lyrical exercises. Simply put, I’ve been there, man. However; as much as I enjoy the “emo” records he’s known for these days, he seemed to forget about being the punchline juggernaut he came into the game as. With that being said, Rage & The Machine came along at the right time. With araabMUZIK cooking up nothing but heat on production, the original Joey is back. Needless to say, I’ve been running this album back a lot since it came out on Friday. As of right now, my favorite track on the album is “Idols.” I mean, they flipped a Tevin Campbell sample, son. Tevin Campbell, bro… Exactly.

All in all, people can say whatever they want to, man. I have no problems with giving an artist their just due. While I can’t forgive Joe for his fuckery on Love & Hip Hop and have a few questions about his checkered history with women, I’m still a fan of his lyrics. At least that part of him is infallible, son. Good day.

P.S. Drake took a shot at Kid Cudi while he’s in rehab, but ain’t want no static with Joe. Sucker shit, son. I’m out.

Drake Is A Certified Clown

So, let me start this post off by saying I’m a fan of Drake’s music. While I believe his Views album is nothing more than weed plate material, when it comes to his overall discography, I rock out with most of Drake’s records. Now, I feel like I needed to give that disclaimer because any time someone criticizes someone else, they’re automatically labeled a “hater.” With that being said, after hearing the bullshit he said about Kid Cudi on “Two Birds, One Stone,” Drake is looking like a real bozo to me right now. As a man who’s very recently written about mental illness, the fact that Drake would poke fun at Cudi’s situation says A TON about him. All I know is, I’ve lost a lot of respect for him because of this.

Ok, yes, I know Cudi dissed Drake first. Hell, I even wrote about that situation on this blog too. However; at some point, we all need to be responsible. Even though Cudi technically drew first blood, once the entire situation was put in its proper perspective, Drake should’ve let this silly feud go. Frankly, to me, it doesn’t matter when Drake recorded the song. If he recorded it BEFORE he knew about Cudi’s issues, he should’ve kept that record to himself. If he recorded the song AFTER he knew about Cudi’s issues, then he’s a pure asshole, man. Either way, there was a much better way to approach this circumstance and Drake did NOT do the right thing.

Now, I may be getting ahead of myself here. Let me actually tell everyone what Drake said about Cudi. During his extended verse on the aforementioned song, Drake uttered the following words:

You were the man on the moon,

Now you just go through your phases,

Life of the angry and famous,

Rap like I know I’m the greatest,

Then give you the tropical flavors,

Still never been on hiatus,

You stay xanned and perked up,

So when reality set in you don’t gotta face it.

Really, Aubrey? Fucking really, man? Just from reading these lyrics, it seems very apparent that he was aware of Cudi’s illness and wrote this on purpose. So, that basically makes him a worthless piece of shit. I mean, where are his people, son? No one in the studio told him this was a sucker move? Mental illness isn’t a fucking punchline, man! On the real, since he’s the biggest rapper in the world, I bet he just figured his fans would ride with his fuck shit. However; as social media is currently showcasing, people aren’t cool with his stance here. Even if he has a legitimate gripe with Cudi, there are so many other angles to take. He could talk about Cudi’s music. He could talk about Cudi’s strained relationship with Kanye West. Shit, he could even talk about how Cudi’s show, How To Make It In America, got cancelled years back. But nooooo, Drake decided to be a dick and kick a man below the belt. What a fucking clown, son.

In the end, I simply can’t respect what Drake did here. This is Rap music, son. Rap music, bro. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that serious, man. However; mental illness is serious. Making jokes about someone’s well-being is not what real men do. Then again, what can I expect from someone who’s made an entire career out of being the male version of Taylor Swift? I’m out. Good day.

Negan Is The Most Savage Of The Savages

Disclaimer: This post is nothing but spoilers, son. Literally all of the spoilers, man. If anyone doesn’t want me to ruin their experience, run for the hills immediately. Now, let’s get it.

Ok, to be real, there are a few people upset with me right now. Last night, I hit my Instagram and Facebook timelines with a vengeance and let loose a bunch of bombs about The Walking Dead. Now, while I completely understand why some would like to hit me with Lucille, Negan’s bat, allow me to defend myself for a second. I mean, Negan OD’d, man! He fucking OD’d in last night’s episode! My apologies for getting caught up in the moment, but shit, I was blown away by the level of Negan’s savagery. With that being said, after only an episode and change, I’m a firm believer that Negan is on the Mount Rushmore of television goons.

At this point, I’m sure everyone who watches the show knows how last season ended. Rick Grimes and company were surrounded by the Saviors, placed on their knees and forced to watch Negan beat the tomato sauce out of someone. Naturally, we all assumed only one member of the Alexandria crew was going to get the casket treatment. But nooooooo, Negan had to take it a step further and knock off TWO compadres from the squad!

To begin, Abraham Ford was first up to bat after being chosen due to a fucked up game of “eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” Side note, “first up to bat?” I make myself laugh, son. In any case, after Abraham was beaten to oblivion, good ol’ Daryl Dixon had enough and threw a punch at Negan. As retribution, Negan turned around and slapped the snot out of Glenn Rhee with his trusted bat. Now, that’s two deaths for the price of one, man. To make matters worse, Negan didn’t just clock Abraham and Glenn a couple of times. He definitely kept fucking hitting them until their skulls dissipated. It was complete and utter overkill, bro.

Now, just when we all thought Negan was done, he decided to kidnap Rick, drive to a foggy field and make Rick find his axe is a sea of walkers. Taking it even further, he then brought Rick back to the group, had his men put guns to everyone’s heads and told Rick he’d kill them all if he didn’t cut Carl Grimes‘ arm off. Who thinks of this shit, man?! Who thinks of trying to make a dude cut off the arm of his own son? Hell nah, man! This episode was an hour of pure fucking terror, bro! I was literally standing up in my house for most of it, son. On the real, the last time I couldn’t sit during a television show was the “Ozymandias” episode of Breaking Bad. Side note, shout-out to Breaking Bad, another AMC program and the greatest show of the all-time. Fight me. In any case, Negan did all of this just to break Rick’s spirit. While I’m a firm believer that Rick will eventually figure out a way to get even, as of right now, it’s not looking good for the boy, son. At the moment, he’s essentially Negan’s bitch.

All in all, last night’s episode was BY FAR the wildest in TWD’s history. Yeah, we’ve seen countless murders, cannibalism and near rape on this program, but in terms of pure emotional abuse, this takes the cake, man. Not to mention, Abraham’s and Glenn’s brain matter are all over the gravel, son. Ultimately, while the show can appear to be redundant at times, this season opener certainly woke me up, bro. The rest of this season is about to go down! Can’t wait! Good day.

NFL: Mad At Colin Kaepernick; Silent About Josh Brown

Now, despite being a diehard New York Giants fan, I’m PISSED today, man. The hypocrisy of the National Football League knows no bounds, son. It’s amazing how Colin Kaepernick could be blasted by any and everyone, but real scumbags like Josh Brown barely get any attention. Once again, the NFL proves they simply do NOT care about the nefarious activities of their players.

So, here’s what has me all riled up this morning. Apparently, Brown is a very well known proponent of violence against women. In journals, emails to his wife and even letters to his friends, he’s spoken openly about the physical and emotional violence he’s inflicted on his wife. He’s referred to himself as “God,” called his wife his “slave” and even mentioned being a sexual deviant. Here’s the kicker: the Giants knew about ALL of this and still re-signed him to a two-year contract during the offseason. However; now that all of the fuckery is coming out, the team and the NFL need to “investigate” the story.

Off the rip, I have several issues with this entire situation, man. First, let me start by discussing the coach of my team: Ben McAdoo. When asked about Brown, McAdoo said “we’re not going to turn our back on Josh. He’s a teammate. He’s a guy that we’re hoping makes strides.” Now, this is the same man who said he would be “disappointed” if any of his players “[pulled] a Kaepernick” back in August. So, let me get this straight, McAdoo. It’s ok to sympathize with a man who terrorizes his wife, but something is wrong with a man who’s trying to bring awareness to racial discrimination? Are these people fucking kidding me, man?! It’s mind-boggling how players can get away with violence, drugs and even calling people “niggers,” but taking a knee is seemingly an unforgivable offense. Like, my body is actually aching because I’m so mad right now.

In the end, let me make myself perfectly clear. If anyone had something to say about Kaepernick, but have remained mum on Josh Brown, Greg Hardy or Ben Roethlisberger, jump off of the nearest bridge. Seriously, the world doesn’t need people like that. Hell, even Ben had some bullshit to say about Kaepernick. Look, anyone who’s been accused of sexual assault more than once needs to shut the fuckity-fuck up, son. Apparently, women can be targets, but God forbid we speak about empowering a historically oppressed group of people. Fuck off, son!

Shout-out To All Of My ‘Bad Hombres’

So, the debate, huh? They’re all finally over, huh? Thank the Lord, son. I couldn’t take one more of these outrageous debacles. I mean, if I really wanted to have my intelligence insulted, I’d go argue with a New England Patriots fan about the “Tuck Rule.” Side note, Pats fans, let’s cut the bullshit, man. Tom Brady fumbled the ball in that game. We all saw it on camera, bro. In any case, I’ve officially had enough of this presidential election. I’m tired of commenting on it and I’m tired of seeing the faces of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. With that being said, good ol’ Trump left us all with one last gem: “bad hombres.”

Look, if anyone pays any attention to the news today, all of the pundits are on fire about a different Trump comment. Essentially, the man said he can’t guarantee that he’ll accept the outcome of the election if he loses. That statement is unprecedented because no other candidate has ever questioned the voting process this much BEFORE people went to the polls. In my eyes, he’s looking for an excuse for his inevitable loss. At this point, he’s behind is damn near every poll, son. So, instead of chalking his failure up to his ridiculous campaign, he’d rather point fingers and make nefarious allegations about voter fraud. Please note, these theories have been debunked by nearly everyone with a brain.

Now, while his stance about voting practices is the talk of the town, I’d rather speak about his “bad hombres” statement. Man, this dude just refuses to leave Hispanics alone, bro. Since the beginning of his campaign, he’s blamed Mexicans and other Hispanics for basically all of the crime going on in this country. Either they’re rapists, drug dealers or just crooked people. Yet and still, he somehow believes Hispanics will vote for him in a few weeks. I really don’t understand how that man thinks, son. He throws them under the bus EVERY chance he gets and still wants them to support him. That’s like me repeatedly kicking someone in the nuts and then looking for them to give me a job referral. It doesn’t work that way, bro. Not at all.

Ultimately, the “bad hombres” comment was the pinnacle of condescending rhetoric. Not only is he making unwarranted accusations about an ENTIRE group of people, but he’s mocking their language in the process. I mean, I can’t even properly quantify how fucked up that is, man. That’s like a cop saying “it’s lit” right before putting five bullets in my ass. This dude is a straight up cartoon character, but none of us find him funny. Wait, that’s probably why he’s always orange, man. He really is playing the part of a clown, son. All in all, I’m just glad this election cycle is nearly over. Now, we all need to make sure we do our part to keep this man FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR away from the Oval Office. Good day.

The Bronx Is Burning: Desus & Mero Edition

To be clear, I support damn near everyone who represents the Bronx. No one is even allowed to say slanderous things about Big Pun, Wesley Snipes or Aaron Hall in my presence. Going further, I’m still convinced Kerry Washington and I have a future together. Hell, even Benny Blanco from Carlito’s Way gets love from me, son. I mean, let’s be real, he got Al Pacino’s character ALL THE WAY out of the paint, man. In any case, I consider myself the mascot for my borough. With that being said, I feel a personal investment in the success of Desus Nice and The Kid Mero. So, everyone out there needs to do the right thing and support their new show on Viceland.

Now, for those who are unaware, Desus and Mero rose to prominence by telling jokes on Twitter. After roasting almost every living human being on their respective timelines, they started to get shine on such platforms as Complex and MTV2. In addition, they also host a hilarious weekly podcast, The Bodega Boys, in conjunction with Red Bull. I mean, c’mon son, on what other podcast are the hosts going to say things like “fanut the choach” with legit sincerity? Where else in the world are we going to get frequent updates on the price of a kilo of cocaine? We all need to celebrate “the art” while it’s in front of us, son. We are all not worthy.

Ultimately, like I said before, I’m just happy to see folks from the Bronx winning. So, the only point that needs to be made is the fact their show on Viceland, Desus & Mero, airs every night at 11PM EST. Be good people and help minorities prosper, man. Shit, at the rate this country is deteriorating, Black and Brown people might only have a few more months left before we have to vacate America. Good day.

Donald Trump vs. Bill Cosby

I won’t lie, son. Topics like the one I’m about to speak on make my head hurt. Listen, fellow Black people, can we leave race out of certain discussions? Look, in certain situations, regardless of this country’s history of racial prejudice, some Black people just don’t need to be defended. Now, this sermon has been placed on my heart because of the comparisons being made between Donald Trump and Bill Cosby. Apparently, more than a few Black people are upset that Cosby is facing charges while Trump is still in the presidential race. My message to those particular people: cut the bullshit, son!

By now, I’m sure everyone is aware of the sexual assault allegations against Trump. Each day, more women are coming out, all saying they were violated by the GOP nominee. In the midst of an increasing firestorm, Trump is denying all of these stories while simultaneously blaming Hillary Clinton for pushing this narrative. With that being said, as the number of accusers continue to rise, I’m seeing Bill Cosby’s name surface in the discussion. This is mainly because Cosby is another prominent figure who’s been accused of heinous crimes against women. However; instead of both men being scolded for their alleged misconduct, people are coming to Cosby’s aid. Apparently, some people don’t like the fact that Cosby’s image has been tarnished while Trump is still roaming free.

To be real, I despise every bit of this argument, son. I mean, what the fuck do people want, man? If I’m understanding this right, Cosby should skate just because Trump hasn’t fallen off of a cliff yet? Are we really out here defending rapists, bro? Look, son, no one can tell me I’m not aware of the racial bias that exists in this country. Hell, I talk about it damn near every day on this blog. However; what I refuse to do is cop a plea for a man who abuses women. With that being said, I could care less if Bill Cosby’s legacy is destroyed. If people paid attention to the actions he’s been accused of since the 1960s, they wouldn’t be defending this loser either. Folks have been saying these things about Cosby waaaaay before Hannibal Buress, man. While everyone with a brain should be aware of White Privilege, I’m still not going to argue in defense of a rapist. As far as I’m concerned, both Cosby and Trump should burn for their offenses. Equally!

In the end, I want everyone out there defending Cosby to ask themselves a question: does the need for racial equality outweigh basic human decency? Should we overlook the appalling actions of a few members of our own community just to support Blackness? I, for one, refuse to let certain things slide just to be in solidarity with my race? Sexual abuse is one of those things. Get Cosby and Trump the fuck out of here, man. Good day.