Kyle Korver Understands ‘White Privilege’

So, let me be real, son. Honestly, before reading my post, everyone should go read the “Privileged” article that Kyle Korver wrote for The Players’ Tribune. Seriously, it’s refreshing to see a White person give an honest assessment of the benefits that White people are afforded. All in all, “White privilege” is always a touchy subject when it shouldn’t be. The way I see it, there’s no future in fronting about the way the world works, man.

Ok, before I continue, let me talk a little bit about “White privilege.” Generally, when White people hear this phrase, they instantly get offended. However, if they took a step back and analyzed what minorities are trying to say, they’d understand where we’re coming from. Now, “White privilege” doesn’t mean that our counterparts didn’t have to work hard to achieve success. Shit, Korver made it to the NBA by being one of the best shooters ever, fam. Like, no one can take that away from him. Anyway, “privilege” comes from the reality that White people don’t have to worry about the same pitfalls as Black and Brown people.

The fact is, even if a White man and I have the same educational background, there’s a good chance he’ll make more money than me. The fact is, if a White person and I get arrested for the same crime, there’s a good chance they’ll get a lighter sentence than me. In addition, I highly doubt any White person would have the same fear as a Black or Brown person during a traffic stop. Frankly, acknowledging these realities shouldn’t be so taboo for White people. On the real, the only way to fix these issues is to address them, bruh.

With that being said, I have to give Korver a lot of credit, fam. Not only did he keep it real about “White privilege,” but he also admitted to his previous ambivalence. Keeping it a buck, I believe there are more people like Korver than straight up hateful people. Most of the time, people just don’t want to hear about their advantages. Shit, as a man, I have to remember to check my own “male privilege.” At times, it’s easy for me to forget that I have certain luxuries that a lot of women don’t have. Hell, as a 6’3” MMA enthusiast, I never walk down the street wondering if some dude is going to drag me into an alley and assault me. All I can say is, facts are facts, son. There’s no use in denying it.

In the end, I hope everyone reads Korver’s article, man. Ultimately, if more people think like him, then maybe we can actually make some progress in this mentally-draining country. By and by, instead of fighting “White privilege,” maybe our counterparts can use it to put an end to the disparities. *Sigh* Wishful thinking, I guess. That is all. LC out.

Get Miley Cyrus The F*ck Outta Here!

Now, before I drag Miley Cyrus to Hell in an Uber, I want everyone to take a good look at the picture above. Yeah, the clown in that photo is the same Ronald McDonald who’s now criticizing Hip Hop. I mean, this chick can’t be serious, right? Shit, after all of her culture vulture behavior, she has some fucking nerve, son. The way I see it, Cyrus is just another example of White people using Black culture for their own benefit. With that being said, she can take her hypocrisy and go back to the set of Hannah Montana.

So, for anyone who missed it, Cyrus recently did an interview with Billboard magazine. Amongst a variety of topics, she decided to give her (unwarranted) two cents on Rap music. Apparently, she has decided to move away from the genre because there’s too much “come sit on my dick, suck on my cock” imagery in the lyrics. All in all, in her own words, she is “so not that.”

Ok, look, I will never be the guy to pretend like Hip Hop doesn’t love the debauchery. Hell, everyone knows how much of a Future fan I am, and his current hit song literally repeats “Molly, Percocet” in the chorus. With that being said, Miley Cyrus needs to have ALL of the seats ever constructed in human history. Shit, for someone criticizing an entire culture, SHE’S the one with a looooooong history of degrading and vulgar behavior.

Look, this is the same woman who was obsessed with twerking. This is the same woman who used Black women as props in her performances. This is the same woman who simulated fucking a foam finger at the Video Music Awards. This is the same woman who lit a joint onstage during the Europe Music Awards. This is the same woman who got Mike WiLL Made-It to executive produce her Bangerz album because she wanted an “urban” sound. This is the same woman who had her breasts out in damn near every outfit she wore. Now she’s fucking better than us? Man, if this chick doesn’t get the flying fuckity-fuck out of our faces! We can see right through her White Privilege. Clearly, Hip Hop was only cool when she could pillage it for monetary gain.

In the end, THIS is exactly why Black people are so testy with cultural appropriation. Vultures turn on us just as quickly as they try to emulate us. Shit, Justin Bieber really thought he was Black until he started running into the police. Side note, his Journals compilation album is fucking flawless, son. However; that’s a conversation for another day. In any case, it’s hard for us to trust an outsider’s motives when people like Cyrus pull shit like this. Ultimately, I pray that Miley disappears into the ether, never to be heard from again. LC out.

Donald Trump vs. Bill Cosby

I won’t lie, son. Topics like the one I’m about to speak on make my head hurt. Listen, fellow Black people, can we leave race out of certain discussions? Look, in certain situations, regardless of this country’s history of racial prejudice, some Black people just don’t need to be defended. Now, this sermon has been placed on my heart because of the comparisons being made between Donald Trump and Bill Cosby. Apparently, more than a few Black people are upset that Cosby is facing charges while Trump is still in the presidential race. My message to those particular people: cut the bullshit, son!

By now, I’m sure everyone is aware of the sexual assault allegations against Trump. Each day, more women are coming out, all saying they were violated by the GOP nominee. In the midst of an increasing firestorm, Trump is denying all of these stories while simultaneously blaming Hillary Clinton for pushing this narrative. With that being said, as the number of accusers continue to rise, I’m seeing Bill Cosby’s name surface in the discussion. This is mainly because Cosby is another prominent figure who’s been accused of heinous crimes against women. However; instead of both men being scolded for their alleged misconduct, people are coming to Cosby’s aid. Apparently, some people don’t like the fact that Cosby’s image has been tarnished while Trump is still roaming free.

To be real, I despise every bit of this argument, son. I mean, what the fuck do people want, man? If I’m understanding this right, Cosby should skate just because Trump hasn’t fallen off of a cliff yet? Are we really out here defending rapists, bro? Look, son, no one can tell me I’m not aware of the racial bias that exists in this country. Hell, I talk about it damn near every day on this blog. However; what I refuse to do is cop a plea for a man who abuses women. With that being said, I could care less if Bill Cosby’s legacy is destroyed. If people paid attention to the actions he’s been accused of since the 1960s, they wouldn’t be defending this loser either. Folks have been saying these things about Cosby waaaaay before Hannibal Buress, man. While everyone with a brain should be aware of White Privilege, I’m still not going to argue in defense of a rapist. As far as I’m concerned, both Cosby and Trump should burn for their offenses. Equally!

In the end, I want everyone out there defending Cosby to ask themselves a question: does the need for racial equality outweigh basic human decency? Should we overlook the appalling actions of a few members of our own community just to support Blackness? I, for one, refuse to let certain things slide just to be in solidarity with my race? Sexual abuse is one of those things. Get Cosby and Trump the fuck out of here, man. Good day.