Nah, This Album Ain’t It, Justin Timberlake

So, let me begin this post by saying that I’m a Justin Timberlake fan. Now, I’m a fan despite the fact that he dissed Prince (my hero) on Timbaland‘s “Give It To Me.” In addition, I’m a fan despite the fact that he left Janet Jackson out to dry after Super Bowl XXXVIII. In any case, regardless of his occasionally egregious behavior, I’ve always jammed out to his music. With that being said, I’m disappointed with this Man of the Woods album, son. All in all, I know he wanted to go for a specific sound on this new record. All I can say is, it ain’t really work out too well, man.

Ok, look, let me explain my beef with this album, fam. Now, based on the record’s production, it’s clear that JT tried to mix genres. On a lot of the songs, he mixed Country and Blues-inspired guitar riffs with 808‘s. Anyway, in theory, this may sound like a cool experiment. In actuality, I don’t really think the textures go together, bruh. Look, in my opinion, a bunch of these songs would’ve benefited more from real bass lines. However; producers like The Neptunes and Timbaland tried to substitute those bass licks with 808’s. For me, a lot of it didn’t work, folks.

Now, with all of that being said, I’m not insinuating that this album doesn’t have bangers, son. Keeping it a buck, my assessment of this record is only based on JT’s past music. Sonically, this joint is better than a lot of the shit out there in the zeitgeist. However; based on his own discography, this album is kinda lacking, man. In any case, I do have a few favorites on here, fam. In my eyes, “Filthy,” “Higher, Higher,” “Wave,” “Montana,” “Breeze Off the Pond” and the bridge on “Supplies” are all gold, bruh. Side note, I’m only taking the bridge on “Supplies” because the lyrics to the rest of the song are silly, people. “The world could end now, baby, we’ll be living in The Walking Dead“? Cut it out, JT!

In the end, it doesn’t really matter if people agree with me or not, son. Ultimately, I expect the best from Timberlake and he didn’t quite pull it off this time. By and by, this doesn’t really diminish him as an artist, man. I mean, he does deserve some credit for trying to cultivate a new sound, fam. Now, while I don’t think it necessarily worked, it did generate a few jams. At the end of the day, I’ll take it, bruh. Besides, I’m just happy that him, Pharrell and Chad Hugo are working together again. That is all. LC out.

‘TWD’ Review: Don’t Be A Good Samaritan

Disclaimer: Spooooooooilers! Got it?

So, in regards to last night’s The Walking Dead season premiere, there are a ton of topics I could touch on, son. However; as of right now, there’s only one storyline that’s on my mind, man. I mean, in an apocalyptic world of zombies and shitty people, Gregory might be the shittiest, fam. Look, he’s been a bitch-ass bitch ever since he’s appeared on screen, but he took it to another level last night. All in all, Father Gabriel learned the hard way that being a Good Samaritan is for the birds, bruh.

Ok, for those who are familiar, its World War 3 in TWD land. Rick Grimes finally grew his balls back and decided to take the fight to Negan and The Saviors. In any case, with the help of his Alexandria kinfolk, Rick invaded The Sanctuary and unleashed a storm of bullets, fire and random walkers. Now, before all of the excitement got underway, Gregory, the herb-ass leader of the Hilltop Colony, betrayed Rick and company by pledging his allegiance to Negan. Anyway, the way I see it, that’s more than enough reason for him to catch a slug, son. However; Father Gabriel seemed to feel differently, man.

Now, in the midst of the chaos, Father Gabriel decided to go and save Gregory. Meaning, he left the sanctity of his metal-fortified car and tried to grab the hoe-ass Hilltop leader. So, what did Gabriel get for his troubles? An infestation of walkers and a stolen car, courtesy of Gregory. Yeah, this fuckity-fucktard really left Gabriel stranded in the middle of the nonsense. Shit, I knew saving Gregory was a bad idea from the jump, but I never expected things to go so left, fam.

Moving on, just when I thought Gabriel was done for, we see him find shelter from the walkers. However; there’s one glaring issue: he’s now trapped in the same building as Negan. Man, I don’t know what’s worse, bruh: the walkers or Negan. Shit, I think I’d rather die at the hands and mouths of the walkers, son. Listen, Negan is BATSHIT CRAZY, man!

In the end, the world of TWD ain’t the Bible, fam. That Good Samaritan shit ain’t good for anybody, bruh. Ultimately, being a standup dude has now placed Father Gabriel in a pool of shit, folks. By and by, something TURRIBLE needs to happen to Gregory, son! Real talk, somebody better torture his ass before they kill him, man. Yeah, shit just got that real, people. That is all. LC out.