All Dudes Need To Pay Attention To #MeToo

Look, let me keep it a buck, son. All of my dudes out here need to pay attention to this #MeToo movement, man. Listen, as I watch women share countless stories of abuse and harassment, I’m left with a sense of pure confusion. I mean, I’ve never been naive, but who the fuck is raising a lot of us? Why the fuck is such sexually aggressive behavior so prominent? Shit, it literally seems as if EVERY woman I know has had to deal with some form of trauma. All in all, the shit needs to stop, fam.

Ok, for those who are unaware, the hashtag #MeToo has been trending on social media. Now, even though the slogan was started by Tarana Burke a decade ago, it got new life in the midst of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. So, after Alyssa Milano suggested that women tell their stories, the floodgates opened, bruh. With topics ranging from stalking to molestation to rape, a TON of women shared their deepest and darkest secrets. Frankly, it was difficult to read a lot of these stories, son.

For me, it’s hard to reconcile just how many ladies go through this bullshit, man. Hell, even when I talk to my own wife, I hear about some of the awful situations she’s been placed in. On the real, we need to take responsibility for this nonsense, fam. Real talk, instead of telling women how not to get abused, we need to show each other how to not abuse. All I know is, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do with my two sons. Look, I’ll be damned if either one of them contribute to the madness that women go through.

In the end, nothing else needs to be said, son. We as men need to do better, plain and simple. Ultimately, instead of blaming women for their own tragedies, let’s make sure we don’t add on to their sorrow, man. By and by, that’s the lesson we all need to take from this movement. LC out.