Randi B. & LC: A Heap Of Black Topics

On this episode, Randi B. and I talk about too many topics to mention. Check it out on YouTube below.

Randi B. & LC: Parenting, Race, Kanye West & The Coronavirus

What’s good, brethren? On this episode, Randi B. and I were back on Facebook Live talking about parenting, race, Kanye West and the Coronavirus. It morphed into a conversation that included apartheid, Germany, Steve King, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, David Duke and Candace Owens. Check it out on YouTube below. Let’s go!

Dear White Advocates…


While race relations in this country currently seem to be at an impasse, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the growing mutual understanding between minority communities and certain factions of our Caucasian counterparts. With that being said, I’d like to speak directly to my White compatriots today. For every one of you who is beginning to understand some of the messages being presented by various members of the Black community, I’d like to give y’all a challenge today: talk some cotdamn sense into your prejudice White friends.

Honestly, it seems like everyday there’s a different White person who decides to jump all of the way out of the window and say something wholly outlandish. Let’s begin with a premium dick named Joe Walsh. About a week and a half ago, this former congressman-turned-radio host decided to share his thoughts about the tragic police shooting in Dallas via Twitter and high levels of fuckery ensued. Not only did this man threaten President Obama, with no repercussions, but he also told the world that “Real America” was coming for both Obama and Black Lives Matter. Now, I have a question, Mr. Walsh: who exactly is included in this “Real America?” Are the various minorities who are continuously, and unfairly, targeted by law enforcement not included in this “Real America?” Listen, murdering officers is an act no life-valuing person can condone, but simultaneously ignoring the concerns of the Black community AND blaming the entire community for the acts of a few rogue agents is absolutely preposterous. Dear White advocates, individuals such as Joe Walsh need to schooled on the lunacy of statements like this.

Now, let’s collectively turn our attention to Rep. Steve King. In case everyone missed this, on Monday, during an interview with Chris Hayes on MSNBC, King decided to enlighten the viewing audience on the superiority of White people in regards to their contributions to Western Civilization. In his eyes, no “subgroup” has done more to make America and Europe great than the good ol’ White race. In a sweeping display of revisionist history, Adolf King completely forgot to mention the Africans forced to work for free for hundreds of years, the Asians who built our railroad system, the Native Americans who kept the pilgrims alive during their first harsh winter and just about EVERY FUCKING PRODUCT WE USE IN THIS COTDAMN COUNTRY! Literally every milestone that’s been achieved on this side of the map has been reached in conjunction with various minority groups. To completely neglect this fact while championing White people above all other “subgroups” is the definition of White Supremacy. Is this dude serious? No, really, is this dude fucking serious?! Now, my White advocates, forget schooling, people like Steve King might simply be lost causes. I’m sorry, but we’ll just have to leave them behind.

While it may seem like I’m just railing against the racist ramblings of a select few, there’s a method to my madness. Generally speaking, it seems like when Black people make statements about our treatment in this country, our points fall on deaf ears. You always hear media types mention the necessity of having an “open dialogue,” but ultimately, sides are always chosen and nothing is ever truly accomplished. The less this dialogue appears to be one side simply yelling at another, the more we may actually be able to focus on the points being made. If White advocates are also able to relay messages of equality, maybe some of the detractors will start to open their ears and hearts. Honestly, we need all of the help we can get to soften some of these hardened hearts out here. Good day.