I Bangs With This Tame Impala Album

So, let’s just skip the formalities and get straight to the point, son. Real talk, I fucks with Tame Impala heavy. Now, I’m going to sit here and pretend like I knew about Kevin Parker from the beginning. In fact, I got hip to his work after listening to “Elephant” from the Lonerism album. Furthermore, I became fully-invested after hearing his contributions to Mark Ronson‘s Uptown Special album and his own Currents record. All in all, I expected greatness from his new The Slow Rush project. Needless to say, he didn’t disappoint, man.

Ok, in order to understand why I love this new album, folks need to understand the musical attributes that I cherish. Now, if a record has any combination of guitars, synths, dope bass lines, hard drums and vocal harmonies, then I’m an instant Stan, fam. All I can say is, this new Tame Impala album has all of that, bruh. Frankly, as a musician, I love hearing projects that make me question why I even bother making music. That’s what this The Slow Rush album does for me, bruh.

In the end, there’s nothing else to say, son. Ultimately, I’m advising everyone to go listen to this joint, man. By and by, Kevin Parker is a fucking genius, fam. In any case, below are some of the songs that I’m digging the most on this project. Enjoy! LC out.

Long Live Melodesiac!

So, as I’ve stated numerous times on this blog, I’m a musician first. To be more specific, I’m a rapper, singer, producer, engineer, keyboardist, guitarist and bassist. With all of that being said, I was only a rapper, singer and quasi-keyboardist when I was in Melodesiac. Now, for those who are unaware, Melodesiac was a band I was in during my college years. Side bar, big up to Tufts University. In any case, after realizing we put out our one and only album ten years ago this month, I wanted to give my brothers some shine.

To begin, it’s no exaggeration when I say this band taught me everything I know. Yeah, I’ve recorded plenty of songs before joining this group, but my real musical education came from being around my comrades. I learned how to write songs in this band. I learned how to play instruments in this band. I learned how to perform in this band. All jokes aside, if anyone digs any of the music I ever put out, they should thank this band. On the real, being in this group let me know that a musical act could be successful without compromising. We built a nice following by just being ourselves. We never adhered to any style or genre and we loved every minute of it.

Ultimately, we couldn’t keep it together because the members wanted to go in different directions. Keeping it a buck, the dissolution of the band hurt me. I didn’t record another song for three years after we parted ways in 2008. In any case, despite the raw emotion at the time, it was still a dope ass ride, man. So, in honor of my bredren, I’m going to post a couple of videos from our concert days. Also, for some reason, our album, Hands High, is still for sale on Amazon. Anyway, massive shout-out to Robert Brentley, Shahan Nercessian, Nehemiah Green, Ben Bornstein, Aaron Mehta, Arlen Spiro, James Harris, Yoni Dvorkis and Nick Ojeda. Long live Melodesiac!

P.S. Hey, fellas, we still have a whole unreleased album that our fans don’t know about. What should we do about that? Just saying… That is all.