Randi B. & LC: RNC, NBA Boycott & Kyle Rittenhouse

What’s good, brethren? On this episode, Randi B. and I were back on Facebook Live talking about the Republican National Convention, the NBA boycott and Kyle Rittenhouse. It evolved into a conversation that included Nikki Haley, Daniel Cameron, Jacob Blake, the new March on Washington and DNA testing. Check it out on YouTube below. Let’s go!

Ted Cruz Really Is Lyin’ Ted After All

Seriously, where’s the line when it comes to blind political allegiance? When does partisanship actually end, man? At some point, principle and moral compass should outweigh being part of a team. Especially if that team is headed in an insanely wrong direction. With that being said, Ted Cruz must not believe in anything I just wrote. After all of the personal disrespect he suffered at the hands of Donald Trump, Cruz is now backing Trump’s presidential campaign. All I know is, if Cruz doesn’t have any respect for himself, he can’t expect the public to have any respect for him either.

Now, where do I start, son? Oh, how about the time Trump compared Cruz’ wife to his own in an effort to insult her looks? Or how about the time he tweeted he was going to “spill the beans” on Cruz’ wife, whatever that means? Or how about the time Trump insinuated Cruz’ father was involved with the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Or how about the Lyin’ Ted moniker I’m using in the title of this post? Yup, that nickname was “birthed” by Trump too. Do I even need to continue here? Trump made it a mission to personally attack Cruz AND his family and Cruz is STILL endorsing him for president. I’m literally baffled by the lack of backbone here.

Look, Cruz is the same man who called Trump a “pathological liar.” He’s the same man who called Trump a “sniveling coward.” He’s the same man who said he’s “not in the habit of supporting people who attack [his] wife and attack [his] father.” Even at this year’s Republican National Convention, he told the audience to “vote [their] conscience” instead of flat out coming to Trump’s aid. After all of that, he’s STILL backing him, son. Now, if politics is a dirty game, then this must be the grimiest part of it. Apparently, a man can disgrace his opponent’s family and still have his support, son. In my eyes, Cruz is an absolutely pathetic human being.

In the end, I can’t respect any person who puts their political party above their own decency. Anybody with values wouldn’t accept the type of treatment Cruz is now choosing to ignore. Where I come from, if someone said half of the shit Trump consistently hurled at Cruz, there would be a fistfight on sight. Not only that, there would probably be a fistfight during every subsequent encounter. Ultimately, Cruz might’ve just buried his political career and that’s exactly what the coward deserves. Good day.

Pastor Mark Burns: The Real Joanne The Scammer

Listen, I can’t fully explain to everyone how much joy I get out of watching stupid people crash and burn. When an imbecile gets caught out there in a flowerbed of nonsense, I’m absolutely positive an angel receives its wings. With that being said, I’d like to personally thank Pastor Mark Burns for reaching the final level of sideshow clown. Now that his fraudulent history has been exposed for the world to see, hopefully this means the public won’t have to see his cartoonish face any longer.

Before I continue, if anyone out there is unfamiliar with Joanne The Scammer, do the world a favor and look her up. As always, Google is everybody’s best friend and will gladly display the hilarity that ensues when she’s on the screen. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy beating up an ex-lover’s new significant other and a good credit card scam? With that being said, thank you, Joanne, for showing us the ways of the Jedi when it comes to being messy and petty.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s incredibly funny seeing Mark Burns embrace all of Joanne’s philosophies. Side note, with all of the tomfoolery he’s gotten himself into, I refuse to call Burns a pastor anymore. He doesn’t deserve that distinction, son. In any case, Burns’ claim to fame is making a fool of himself in support of Donald Trump. My first encounter with him came during the Republican National Convention. This dude took the stage and literally prayed for Jesus to defeat Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Since then, he’s been on a media tour, doing interviews and sharing racist cartoons of Hillary. However; just when I thought I’d have to break my television in order to escape the madness, Burns completely imploded on CNN.

During an interview with Victor Blackwell, all of Burns’ lies came to the forefront. By now, I already knew he got busted for lying about being a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. Come to find out, that is the least of this man’s fairy tales. In addition to his other fibs, this guy lied about graduating from North Greenville University AND lied about serving six years in the Army Reserve. In actuality, he attended the aforementioned school for one semester and spent a brief amount of time in the National Guard. Look, this dummy can’t be serious, man! Did he not realize his colorful imagination would be exposed? That’s like me saying I have a hit record in Austria like that can’t be fact checked, man. I mean, if someone is going to fabricate their life, at least do it in a way that can’t be easily debunked, son. Now, Burns is looking like the idiot I always knew he was.

In the end, I can’t even say I’m surprised, man. This is just another illustration of the comical campaign Trump has run. Trump’s presidential bid has been nothing but a bucket of Forrest Gump logic. Wait, just call him Forrest Trump, bruh! That’s how stupid this entire experience has been, son. I guess we can now use Mark Burns as another example of Trump’s profound ineptitude. Good day.