I Never Expected Justice For Breonna Taylor

So, I won’t lie, son. On the real, I never expected any justice for Breonna Taylor. After all of these months, the original fraudulent charges against Kenneth Walker, the failed plot to sully her name with Jamarcus Glover, the end of the no-knock warrant, the resulting settlement with the family AND the anticipation of “riots” by the police, I knew that they were going to screw her. With all of that being said, the “charges” that Daniel Cameron and company decided to go with are ABSOLUTELY disrespectful, man.

Ok, for those who missed it, a Kentucky grand jury decided to charge ONE of the officers involved in Taylor’s murder. However, it’s not for a crime that anyone would’ve guessed, fam. In fact, Brett Hankison wasn’t charged for her murder at all. Instead, he was charged for wanton endangerment due to the bullets that went into a neighbor’s apartment. Like, I don’t even know how to express my anger in words, bruh.

I mean, what the ENTIRE fuck, son?! So, on top of the fact that NONE of the other officers are facing charges, THIS is what they came up with?! If I’m reading this right, the possible “endangerment” of a neighbor is more important than the ACTUAL murder of a Black woman? For God’s sake, I don’t even know how to respond, man! The way I see it, the jury was better off charging Hankison with nothing. In my eyes, this is a BLATANT slap in the face, fam.

Real talk, I had a real feeling of hopelessness last night. Shit, the outcome is bad enough, but seeing some of the ignorant reactions just pushed me to the limit, bruh. Like, I legitimately saw a White woman argue that Walker should be charged for Taylor’s murder because he fired at the cops. Never mind the fact that they ran up in their apartment without even identifying themselves. That’s EXACTLY why they got rid of the fucking no-knock warrant. All I can say is, I’m at the point where I don’t have faith in people anymore. So, fuck trying to reason with them. From now on, I’m just focusing on building generational wealth for my family. Frankly, fuck the opinion of the peanut gallery on the internet, son.

In the end, fuck all of this shit, man. Ultimately, I’m not even sure that I want to blog anymore. By and by, what’s the fucking point, fam? At the end of the day, I feel like I’m just preaching to the choir, bruh. Like, the ones who get it, get it, and the ones who don’t simply refuse to see it. All I know is, we need more representation among our elected officials. I might seriously consider that someday soon. That might be the only way to hold some of these criminals accountable. That is all. LC out.

A Real Question For The ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Delegation

So, I won’t lie, son. On the real, deep thoughts can surface at the weirdest times, man. Somehow, UFC-sponsored violence led my brain to the Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter delegations. Shit, the bad blood between Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington brought out all of the social media warriors, fam. But, after wading through scores of unnecessary comments, I have a real question for the Blue Lives Matter crowd: do y’all really believe that cops are infallible?

Ok, as a quick summary, here’s what led me to this post. Now, Covington, a fighter in the UFC’s Welterweight division, is an avid Donald Trump fan and MAGA supporter. Woodley, the former Welterweight champion, took it upon himself to represent BLM. In the lead-up to the fight, Covington took to Twitter to say that he’s representing all police and military officers who’ve been “vilified.” In addition, after Covington put a thorough beating on Woodley, he proceeded to call BLM a “terrorist organization” and that Woodley was a “Marxist.”

Now, here’s where my confusion comes in. Real talk, I’ll never understand why (mostly) White people believe that BLM is some affront to law enforcement. Like, we’re literally asking for them to stop killing us and to be held accountable for misdeeds. That’s all. That’s literally all. Frankly, I don’t understand why they can’t support cops AND acknowledge when they do something wrong. Bruh, it’s ACTUALLY possible to do both. The way I see it, if Blues Live Matter really supported the police, they would want them to be fair and balanced with ALL of America‘s citizens.

I mean, why can’t people support cops and still admit that they fucked up when they killed Amadou Diallo? Why can’t people support cops and still admit that they fucked up when they killed Tamir Rice? Why can’t people support cops and still admit that they fucked up when they killed Botham Jean? Why can’t people support cops and still admit that they fucked up when they killed Philando Castile? Hell, the police KNOW that they fucked up with Breonna Taylor because they got rid of the no-knock warrant AND paid her family $12 million. Still, the Blue Lives Matter crowd won’t acknowledge ANY wrongdoing. It’s fucking baffling, son.

In the end, the division is this country is beyond toxic, man. Ultimately, we can’t agree on ANYTHING. By and by, we can’t even agree that unjustly killing people is wrong. At the end of the day, I’m reaching the point where I’m starting to believe that this nation is beyond saving. All in all, I’m just worried about making as much money as possible and contributing to Black generational wealth. Fuck all of this other shit, fam. That is all. LC out.