T.I. Is Out Here Wilin’

So, I won’t lie, son. As a father myself, I generally try not to judge how other people parent their children. However, muhfuckas be wilin’ sometimes, man. With that being said, I have to call T.I. out on his tomfoolery, fam. Look, I understand wanting to “protect” our kids from this wild ass world, but T.I. did the most of the most, bruh. All in all, homie doesn’t need to be bugging out at his daughter’s gynecologist appointments, folks.

Ok, for those who missed it, T.I. recently said some wild shit on a podcast. So, while sitting down with Nazanin Mandi and Nadia Moham from the Ladies Like Us show, T.I. told the ladies that he accompanies his daughter, Deyjah Harris, to her yearly gyno appointments. Now, if that’s where the sentence ended, then maybe I wouldn’t look at him with The Rock eyebrow. However, T.I. specifically said that he goes with her, even as of her 18th birthday, to verify that her hymen is “still intact.”

Look, just in case anyone is wondering, I didn’t make up any part of that story, son. The fact is, Clifford Harris b.k.a. T.I. a.k.a. Tip, makes yearly trips to Deyjah’s gynecologist to make sure that her hymen is still in place. Now, real talk, I don’t even know where to begin with this fuckery, man. First, checking a woman’s hymen gives no insight on her sexual activity. Shit, I know a few ladies who’ve lost their shit from non-freaky deaky situations, fam. So, what exactly is T.I. looking to learn from this, bruh?

In addition, even if Deyjah isn’t having vaginal intercourse, I’m sure that T.I. is aware of the VAST amounts of other possibilities, son. Hell, having a hymen ain’t got shit to do with butt play or oral gymnastics, man. Keeping it a buck, I know a couple of women who used to go the anal route to maintain their “virtue.” All I know is, a hymen is no indicator of whether or not his daughter is about that action, fam.

Furthermore, Deyjah is 18 fucking years old, bruh. Seriously, it ain’t T.I.’s place to monitor who she’s “spending time” with. The truth is, as parents, it’s our job to teach our kids the best practices and hope they don’t do something fucking stupid. Side bar, I hope my boys are NEVER as dumb as me, son. All I can say is, I’m not 100% sure how I’m still here with my genitals in one piece, man. But, that’s neither here nor there, brethren.

Anyway, I also want to know if T.I. watches his sons with the same level of scrutiny. Listen, dudes love protecting their girls’ “honor,” but their boys be out here running amok, fam. Bruh, it ain’t nothing for a guy to come home with an STI or a cotdamn baby. The way I see it, T.I. should be just as invested in making sure his sons aren’t the type of dudes that he’s afraid Deyjah will meet. Honestly, men with daughters are normally scared because they know how we be acting in these streets, son.

In the end, T.I. needs to knock it off, man. Ultimately, there’s no need to be a creep, fam. By and by, him and his daughter’s mother just need to have an open line of communication with Deyjah. At the end of the day, he doesn’t want her to be sneaking around behind his back. Truthfully, that’s when the most shenanigans occur, bruh. So, instead of trying to shelter her, T.I. needs to put her on the game and advise her about the fuckity-fucks who could potentially ruin her life. That is all. LC out.

Did Miguel Violate A Woman?

So, to begin, I won’t hide the fact that I’m a HUGE Miguel fan. So, on face value, it would appear that I may be biased. However; I also pride myself on being objective, son. With that being said, if Xian Basssexual assault allegations against him are real, then I would lose A TON of respect for the man. All I know is, this isn’t a situation that should be taken lightly.

Now, for anyone who missed it, a fan just accused Miguel of gross misconduct. Xian Bass, a student at the University of New Mexico, alleged that after meeting Miguel, having a brief conversation with him and taking a selfie, he took one of her breasts out of her shirt and gave her a “disgusting look.” As expected, social media is split on the issue, with some believing Xian’s story, but many others calling shenanigans. I guess, when a popular musician is involved, the idea of rape culture is automatically dismissed. The weird thing is, athletes and entertainers have a long history of engaging in this type of behavior. In both cases, these individuals are not used to being told “no.” Shit, just ask Donald Trump, man.

Look, before I continue, let me make something clear. I believe that jumping to any conclusions is dangerous. On one hand, it’s bad to automatically believe this woman’s story without any discernible proof. On the other hand, it’s equally problematic to just dismiss her allegations because we like a singer’s music. While false accusations aren’t unheard of, women are also violated at alarming rates. In addition, our society has a terrible habit of blaming women for their own pain and agony.

In the end, I don’t know what to believe, son. I didn’t necessarily come here to offer any deep analysis. I just hope this story isn’t true. I would hate to think that an artist I have such respect for would violate a woman in this manner. Ultimately, while it’s no surprise that Nazanin Mandi, Miguel’s fiancée, would come to his aid, that still doesn’t tell the whole story. All in all, either Xian Bass is a liar or Miguel is a sexual abuser. Either way, it’s a bad situation all around. *Sigh* LC out.