GGG Got Old In Front Of Us

So, let me begin this post by saying that I’m a huge fan of Gennady Golovkin. Real talk, I thoroughly enjoy watching him punch unfortunate fighters into oblivion. I mean, based on his résumé, it’s obvious to see why Middleweight boxers, including Canelo Álvarez, avoided him for so long. With all of that being said, Father Time might’ve finally caught up with him, son. All in all, based on what I saw this past Saturday night, the 37-year-old fighter may be starting to decline.

Ok, for those who missed it, Golovkin, better known as GGG, fought Sergiy Derevyanchenko for the vacant IBF and IBO Middleweight titles. Now, for some background, GGG previously held both of those belts, along with the WBA and WBC belts, before fighting Álvarez. Anyway, after two bullshit decisions, GGG lost his titles. I mean, no one can tell me that GGG didn’t win that first fight against Álvarez, fam. In addition, no one can tell me that their second fight wasn’t a draw. All I know is, Álvarez ain’t never actually beat GGG, bruh.

In any case, when the IBF governing body stripped Álvarez of the title, it opened the door for GGG to become a champion again. However, he would have to go through Derevyanchenko, the number-one contender. So, the bout between the two took place this past weekend on DAZN. Now, in terms of the fight itself, GGG looked fucking old, son. Hell, his punches were slow, he didn’t throw enough shots overall and he was getting hit a lot. Yes, I know that some people are going to point out that GGG knocked Derevyanchenko down and opened up a cut on his face. The truth is, outside of that, GGG lost most of the exchanges, man.

Moving on, there are rumors that GGG was sick leading into the match. According to promoter Eddie Hearn, despite his illness, GGG insisted on fighting. Now, all of this could very well be true, fam. Frankly, we’ll never know. All I can say is, that version of GGG was visibly diminished, bruh. Honestly, if the current GGG got into the ring with Álvarez for a third time, then GGG would probably get knocked the fuck out, son. The way I see it, time might finally be catching up to the legend.

In the end, maybe this was a fluke and GGG still has something left in the tank. However, from my vantage point, he looked washed and he lost that fight to Derevyanchenko. Ultimately, as someone who thought that GGG was robbed in his fights against Álvarez, he was gifted a decision in his win against Derevyanchenko. By and by, this is why boxing gets on my fucking nerves, brethren. At the end of the day, judges just can’t be trusted in the slightest, man. That is all. LC out.

Can’t Front On Israel Adesanya

So, I won’t lie, son. Real talk, I have conflicting feelings about Israel Adesanya, man. On one hand, I think he’s one of the best MMA fighters I’ve ever seen. On the other hand, I think he talks too cotdamn much. Either way, one thing can’t be denied, fam: this muhfucka is really good at fighting, bruh. All in all, after his performance against Robert Whittaker at UFC 243, none of us can front on Stylebender, brethren.

Ok, for those who missed it, the most-attended UFC event just occurred this weekend. So, in Marvel Stadium over in Melbourne, Australia, roughly 57,000 people watched Adesanya and Whittaker battle it out for the Middleweight championship. Now, for reference, Whittaker was the undisputed champion and Adesanya was the interim champion. Anyway, the fight between the two was a unification bout. In addition, it was a battle of supremacy between Australia and New Zealand. In any case, we didn’t get a long and drawn-out match, son. Instead, Adesanya just starched Whittaker, man.

Now, I don’t even know if I can explain how big of a deal that is, fam. First, Whittaker hadn’t lost in five years and hadn’t lost at all since moving up to Middleweight. I mean, the man went ten rounds with Yoel Romero and lived to tell the tale, bruh. Moving on, based on those two facts and the five-round war that Adesanya had with Kelvin Gastelum, I believed that Whittaker had a good chance, son. Well, I was fucking wrong, man. Frankly, Adesanya beat the shit out of Whittaker and made it look easy, folks.

The way I see it, Whittaker had a terrible game plan, son. The fact is, when a fighter strikes as well as Adesanya does, his opponent can’t just run at him recklessly. Shit, Whittaker believed he could knock him out and just wildly threw shots at him. From there, Adesanya dropped Whittaker in the first round before knocking him out for good in the second round. All I know is, I didn’t expect the fight to go down like that, man. I mean, I thought someone was getting slumped, but not that easily, fam.

In the end, Adesanya is for real, bruh. Ultimately, despite some of the cringey trash talk, he’s backed up all of his words, son. By and by, other Middleweights need to think twice before going strike-for-strike with him. All I can say is, only a savvy grappler is going to stand a chance against him, man. At the end of the day, I don’t think fighters like Paulo Costa or Romero can handle the smoke, fam. Alas, only time will tell, people. For now, Adesanya is the fucking man and he told us he would be. That is all. LC out.

My Thoughts On Canelo, GGG & People Who Don’t ‘Understand’ Boxing

So, here we are, son. Another fight between Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Gennady Golovkin and another controversial decision, man. Now, I won’t lie, fam. This fight was close as fuck, bruh. Look, even though I had GGG winning, I can legitimately see an argument for the fight being a draw. Side note, that would be a REAL draw. Not that bullshit they pulled in the first fight, people. Listen, GGG won their first contest, don’t @ me, bro. In any case, today’s post isn’t about the match, per se. It’s more so about the trolls who can’t engage in a civil debate, folks.

Now, anytime there’s a fight, there’s always going to be a post-fight argument, son. No matter who a person is rooting for, if that fighter loses, folks are going to claim it’s a “robbery.” Real talk, that’s just the nature of the game, man. The problem is, anytime someone has a different opinion about a fight’s outcome, they get accused of not “understanding” the sport. No, bitch, we just have a different fucking opinion, fam! Shit, the last time I checked, we’re allowed to have a differing viewpoint, bruh.

Look, for better AND for worse (mostly worse), boxing is a subjective sport, son. Meaning, two people can watch the same exact thing and reach a different conclusion, man. For me, Canelo had no answer for GGG’s jab. But, Canelo was also more accurate with his power punches. All in all, I thought GGG won seven rounds to five. Frankly, it all came down to the 12th round and I gave that one to GGG. Regardless, I can see an argument for the final round being too close to call and the fight being a draw. Hell, that’s just the type of bout it was, fam.

In the end, I have to give Canelo his credit, bruh. Ultimately, he stood toe-to-toe with GGG and squeaked out a close decision. By and by, I have no idea how there weren’t any knockdowns, son. For God‘s sake, they were throwing bombs at each other, man. Anyway, I’m always going to look at Canelo sideways for his failed drug tests. However, he fought a good fight, fam. At the end of the day, the judges screwed GGG again and he’s still the REAL Middleweight champion. Sadly, I highly doubt the powers that be (*cough* Oscar De La Hoya *cough*) will give GGG another shot at Canelo. I mean, Álvarez is the cash cow, folks. *Sigh* Such is boxing, people. That is all. LC out.