Let’s Talk About Lorrie Slattery’s Grandson

Man, what happened to the 8-year-old boy in the above picture? Seriously, how did he end up with those marks around his neck? Why would two 14-year-old boys commit such a heinous crime on a kid? In addition, why are the police protecting the demons who tried to lynch a biracial child? All in all, I don’t give a fuck about how young the perpetrators are, son. They need to be held accountable for their hate crime, man. Plain and simple.

Now, for those who missed it, back on August 28, Lorrie Slattery‘s grandson was viciously assaulted. To be clear, I’m using this woman’s name because the identity of the victim hasn’t been confirmed. In any case, the terrible story goes as follows: in New Hampshire, the boy was in a backyard with a couple of teenagers. These teenagers took a tire swing rope and put it around the boy’s neck. Next, one of the teens said “let’s do this” and pushed the child off of a picnic table. From there, the boy apparently swung three times before being able to get the rope off of his neck.

As of now, Claremont Police Chief Mark Chase hasn’t said much about the case. He claims that they’re going to do a thorough investigation, but believes the teenagers should be “protected.” In addition, he stated that “mistakes they make as a young child should not have to follow them for the rest of their life.” Oh, well, isn’t that fantastic, son! Black children like Tamir Rice and Aiyana Jones don’t get the opportunity to live their lives, but these White kids deserve protection? Fam, get the FUCK outta here! On the real, a 14-year-old is old enough to know what a hate crime is. Listen, race-based violence doesn’t deserve leniency and these teens need to be held accountable.

In the end, this boy’s family needs answers. Shit, based on his injuries, the child is lucky to be alive, bruh. Ultimately, the hate that permeates through this country is unnerving, fam. I mean, not even our children are safe, man. By and by, I can’t really express how disgusted I am by this story, son. *Sigh* Just another day in Amerikkka, people. LC out.