Does Anyone Still F*ck With Kodak Black?

So, let me begin this post by saying that I’ve never been a Kodak Black fan, son. Like, never. I mean, even if we remove the real-life fuckery he’s always engaged in, I just can’t get into the music, man. In any case, his penchant for cooth-lessness re-emerged when he tried to shoot his shot at Lauren London. All in all, this ain’t the time for the bullshit, fam. Side note, I know “cooth-lessness” isn’t a word. But, it made perfect sense, right?

Ok, for those who missed it, Kodak is still out here being Kodak. Now, in light of Nipsey Hussle‘s death, Kodak thought it was a good idea to reveal his thoughts about London. So, according to his IG Live, he plans on giving London a year of “crying and shit” before he tries to holla. Look, Nip ain’t even in the ground yet and homie is already scheming on his woman. For God‘s sake, let the lady grieve in piece, bruh. Frankly, she ain’t got time to entertain Kodak’s tomfoolery. She has children to raise, son. That’s a hard enough job in and of itself, man.

Moving on, I don’t even know why I’m surprised, fam. Shit, Kodak has a long, long, loooooong history of nonsense, bruh. Like, didn’t he just get accused of rape… again? Seriously, what would it take for fans to acknowledge that their favorite artists might be trash? On the real, even if someone fucks with Kodak’s music, at what point do we say “nah, I’m off the bullshit”? In my eyes, dude consistently shows us who he is and we just let it slide. For the life of me, I don’t understand it, son.

In the end, it ain’t nothing for me to disregard Kodak, man. Ultimately, I was never on the wave to begin with, fam. By and by, disrespecting a widow should never be tolerated, bruh. Side note, rape should never be tolerated either, but folks just keep letting the allegations cook. Anyway, all love to Lauren London during her time of mourning. At the end of the day, she needs to be uplifted, not fetishized. That is all. LC out.

Jay-Z’s Verse On Meek Mill’s Album Is Incredible

On the real, I don’t know where to begin, son. I mean, today’s post could either be three sentences or three novels, man. Real talk, Jay-Z BLACKS OUT on Meek Mill‘s “What’s Free.” Like, Mill’s Championships album just came out today and I’ve already played this particular record like 11 times, fam. All in all, from the subject matter to the wordplay to the flow, Hov is reminding everybody why he’s a fucking legend (and the best rapper ever, in my opinion).

Now, keeping it a buck, I’m not sure I can fit all of my thoughts in one article, bruh. Shit, Hov has so many gems in this verse that I don’t know how to kick my analysis off, son. Like, we could talk about his indictment of anyone pitting him against Kanye West. We could talk about his continued championing of Black ownership. We could talk about his criticism of the music industry structure. Hell, we could talk about the metaphors and the flow. All in all, Jay checked all of the fucking boxes with this verse, man. But, don’t take my word for it, fam. Everyone can listen to the song below. At the end of the day, Mill put out a dope album AND let Jay go napalm on a record. Needless to say, I’m with all of it, bruh. That is all. LC out.

Sammy Sosa Looks BONKERS!

Son! Fam! Bruh! What?! Huh?! Dude, what the entire FUCK is going on around here?! Seriously, who the hell is the pink-faced mammal in the photo above?! Now, people are telling me that it’s Sammy Sosa, but I refuse to believe that, son. Like, I’ve always known about his skin-bleaching fetish, but this is preposterous, man! All jokes aside, Sosa has surpassed Michael Jackson in terms of skin-changing fuckery.

Now, shit got weird when Sosa sat down with ESPN to talk about this year’s Home Run Derby. Needless to say, once we all saw his face, we stopped giving a fuck about what he was saying. Son, what in Baby Jesus‘ name did this man do to himself?! Shit, what part of the game is being lavender, son? What part of the game is looking like a batch of cotton candy, man? Listen, I like to match my clothes, but I didn’t think my skin color had to be part of the equation, fam. All in all, this man looks fucking NUTS, bruh!

On the real, I knew Sosa had an affinity for bleaching, but I never thought he’d take it this far. Keeping it a buck, the dude used to be my complexion, son. Now, he looks like a fucking Starburst, man. It’s like he went into Home Depot and said “I want to look like the paint in my daughter’s room.” All I know is, I literally can’t believe what I’m witnessing, fam.

Moving on, this type of tomfoolery is why people like Kodak Black need to be called out on their fuckery, man. This Sosa nonsense is a PRIME example of what some folks do when they hate their skin color, son. So, no, we can’t just let derogatory comments about complexion slide, fam. All in all, when I look at Sosa, I see a man who legitimately hates himself. Frankly, it’s disgraceful to watch because I used to be a huge fan of this guy, steroids and all.

In the end, I’m blown away by all of this, son. Like, this fool is actually pink, man! I swear, the truth is always stranger than fiction, fam. Ultimately, I don’t see where Sosa can go from here. I mean, it’s not like he can turn back the hands of time, bruh. Sadly, I don’t think he wants to either. *Sigh* LC out.

Kodak Black’s ‘Dark Skin’ Comments Aren’t About Preference

So, let me get straight to the point, son. I don’t like the narrative of the folks defending Kodak Black. Listen, when Kodak talks about only dating “yellow hoes” or “redbones,” he’s 100% feeding into the colorism issues in the Black community. On the real, his comments have nothing to do with preference, man. In actuality, they have everything to do with the fact that he sees something wrong with dark skin. Sadly, he’s not the first person to feel this way. *Sigh* Ask Lil Wayne.

Ok, before I continue, let me make one thing clear: I do believe we all have preferences when it comes to physical attraction. As for me, I love big breasts. Like, I LOVE big breasts, son. Now, I would go into more detail, but this is a free association blog and not erotica, man. With that being said, I’ve never had anything against women with a smaller cup size. I mean, before marriage, I’ve dated a lot of different women with many different body types. All in all, I’m an “equal opportunity” kinda dude, fam. In any case, I don’t believe the same can be said for Kodak.

Look, if people don’t believe me, just analyze what he said when he tried to explain his previous comments. When The Chaney TV asked him about his fuckery at a Master P charity basketball game, his response was worse than his original thoughts. Man, he proceeded to tell the lady conducting the interview that he likes women lighter than him because his complexion is “too gutter.” Apparently, dark-skinned women are “too tough.” In addition, according to Kodak, light-skinned women are “more sensitive” and he can “break ’em down more easy.”

Now, how in the FUCK is any of that nonsense about preference, bruh? Fam, this dude is literally out here spewing stereotypes that can be traced back to slavery. Historically speaking, a lot of dark-skinned slaves worked in the hazardous fields while a good number of light-skinned slaves served in the master’s house. Shit, was else needs to be said here, man? Essentially, Kodak admitted that he doesn’t like his skin color and dummies are out here caping for him. Son, I truly don’t understand the ignorance of some people. I really don’t.

In the end, miss me with the Kodak theories. By and by, his skin color quotes have NOTHING to do with preference. All I know is, this child clearly has a bias against his own skin and I’m not going to let that shit slide, son. Real talk, I just want this clown to disappear, man. Him and his diamond-studded baby teeth. That is all. LC out.