In Honor Of Tupac Going To The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame…

To begin, I hope Gene Simmons is somewhere mad as hell, man. That’s right, son, another rapper, arguably the world’s most famous rapper, is finally going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Now, I don’t know how long it takes an artist to become eligible for this, but c’mon son, Tupac Shakur’s been dead since 1996. What the hell took these folks so long to put this man where he rightfully belongs? In any case, in honor of Tupac being inducted in 2017, I just want to briefly go through some of my favorite songs from him.

Before I continue, I just want to give some background on my Tupac fandom. To be clear, he’s my favorite rapper of all-time. Now, do I think he’s the best rapper of all-time? No. I could name a bunch of rappers who are superior to him, bar-for-bar. To some people, that last statement may seem blasphemous, but I’m also a realist, son. Look, if we’re judging him from a strictly technical standpoint, then that wasn’t his greatest strength. With that being said, for me, his message was always the greatest and most important aspect of his music. In that particular arena, he was unparalleled. No one else was as political, social, deeply flawed, and at times, flat out ignorant as Tupac. He encompassed the entire spectrum of human emotion, for better and for worse. On one song, he could be uplifting women, and on the next song, he could be threatening a rival’s kids. Did that make him a saint? Hell no! But it made him a real human being that a lot of us could relate to. All in all, he’s my favorite rapper because he was one of my favorite people, who just happened to rap.

In the end, I could probably ramble on and on about why I’m such a huge Tupac fan. Instead, as I stated above, I’ll just share some of my favorite jams. Viva la Tupac Amaru Shakur! Good day.