I Never Expected Justice For Breonna Taylor

So, I won’t lie, son. On the real, I never expected any justice for Breonna Taylor. After all of these months, the original fraudulent charges against Kenneth Walker, the failed plot to sully her name with Jamarcus Glover, the end of the no-knock warrant, the resulting settlement with the family AND the anticipation of “riots” by the police, I knew that they were going to screw her. With all of that being said, the “charges” that Daniel Cameron and company decided to go with are ABSOLUTELY disrespectful, man.

Ok, for those who missed it, a Kentucky grand jury decided to charge ONE of the officers involved in Taylor’s murder. However, it’s not for a crime that anyone would’ve guessed, fam. In fact, Brett Hankison wasn’t charged for her murder at all. Instead, he was charged for wanton endangerment due to the bullets that went into a neighbor’s apartment. Like, I don’t even know how to express my anger in words, bruh.

I mean, what the ENTIRE fuck, son?! So, on top of the fact that NONE of the other officers are facing charges, THIS is what they came up with?! If I’m reading this right, the possible “endangerment” of a neighbor is more important than the ACTUAL murder of a Black woman? For God’s sake, I don’t even know how to respond, man! The way I see it, the jury was better off charging Hankison with nothing. In my eyes, this is a BLATANT slap in the face, fam.

Real talk, I had a real feeling of hopelessness last night. Shit, the outcome is bad enough, but seeing some of the ignorant reactions just pushed me to the limit, bruh. Like, I legitimately saw a White woman argue that Walker should be charged for Taylor’s murder because he fired at the cops. Never mind the fact that they ran up in their apartment without even identifying themselves. That’s EXACTLY why they got rid of the fucking no-knock warrant. All I can say is, I’m at the point where I don’t have faith in people anymore. So, fuck trying to reason with them. From now on, I’m just focusing on building generational wealth for my family. Frankly, fuck the opinion of the peanut gallery on the internet, son.

In the end, fuck all of this shit, man. Ultimately, I’m not even sure that I want to blog anymore. By and by, what’s the fucking point, fam? At the end of the day, I feel like I’m just preaching to the choir, bruh. Like, the ones who get it, get it, and the ones who don’t simply refuse to see it. All I know is, we need more representation among our elected officials. I might seriously consider that someday soon. That might be the only way to hold some of these criminals accountable. That is all. LC out.

Get United Airlines The F*ck Outta Here!

Really, United Airlines? Like, REALLY, United Airlines?! This is how y’all get down, son? Dragging a paying customer off of an airplane is the wave now? Man, after I saw the video of David Dao’s “removal” from a Chicago flight, I was fucking baffled, bruh. I mean, is this why we pay airline companies? To have them treat us like the prison guards treated Bogs Diamond in The Shawshank Redemption? Look, all I know is, regardless of the overbooking dilemma, Dao paid for his seat. He should have NEVER had to face this level of disrespect and injustice.

So, the whole issue started when a flight from Chicago to Louisville was overbooked. Now, anyone who has ever taken a flight should be relatively familiar with an airline’s overbooking policy. Essentially, to account for individuals who may flake out on their flight, airlines overbook to ensure all airplane seats are full. In theory, it makes sense, but of course, there can be hiccups. Needless to say, there was a HUGE hiccup on this particular flight. All in all, there were too many people on the plane and someone needed to get off.

Now, as expected, no one willingly volunteered to leave. I mean, who really wants to wait for another flight, son? Look, if I’ve already settled into my seat, I’m not getting off of the plane. In my eyes, the airline should’ve figured this out before I buckled my seatbelt. In any case, David Dao must’ve felt the same way. However; the airline had a completely different take on the situation. Ultimately, they instructed Dao to get off and wait for another flight. When he refused to go, three security guards literally dragged him off of the aircraft. Apparently, Dao’s money wasn’t enough to avoid getting his ass kicked by United Airlines personnel.

Moving on, Oscar Munoz, the CEO of United Airlines, sounded a lot like the police in his response to the situation. As justification for his employees’ conduct, he stated that Dao was “disruptive and belligerent.” On the real, cops use these same keywords to justify why they put 20 bullets in an unarmed Black person. Look, anybody in Dao’s position would feel the same way. This man paid for his flight, sat in his seat and is now being told he has to go. Apparently, despite taking his money, United Airlines didn’t give a flying fuck about how this may have inconvenienced Dao. Shit, since he already paid, they probably figured they could do anything to him. In any case, this entire scenario is pure tomfoolery, son.

In the end, I hope Dao sues the paint off of United Airlines. Listen, any company that’s cool with this type of conduct needs to be taken down a few notches. Also, I hope Munoz loses his job. Keeping it a buck, he’s a piece of shit for his stance on all of this. In any case, I now know what airline I’m never using again. From here on out, United Airlines can suck a bag of dicks, word to Louis CK. LC out.

P.S. Once again, the media is doing its best to throw the victim under the bus. Ever since Dao’s identity was revealed, several outlets have reported on his questionable history. Man, get the fuck outta here with that bullshit, son! What does a previous drug case have to do with THIS situation? Why doesn’t the news ever focus on the matter at hand? Regardless of what this man was previously accused of, that still didn’t give the airline the right to physically assault him. *Sigh* Ok, I’m done now. Good day.

P.P.S. A major, MAJOR fuck you to Bill O’Reilly for laughing at David Dao’s plight. I swear, for someone who loves sexually harassing women, he really operates like his shit doesn’t stink. Well, I hope he’s still laughing after the remainder of his advertisers drop him. That is all.

Let’s Talk About The ‘Bowling Green Massacre’

*Sigh* Another day, another opportunity to hear some “alternative facts.” Look, I didn’t even think I had anything to write today, but here comes Kellyanne Conway to save the day. I mean, I can always count on her for some Grade A fuckery, right? In any case, all I could do was shake my head in disbelief when I heard her mention the “Bowling Green Massacre” on MSNBC. Namely because such an event doesn’t exist! Once again, Donald Trump‘s administration has made it their mission to ignore logic, facts and evidence in order to make their points.

So, Conway was on MSNBC defending Trump’s Muslim Ban. She claimed that what Trump is doing isn’t unprecedented because Barack Obama banned refugees from Iraq for six months back in 2011. Apparently, this action was taken after the arrest of “the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre.” Now, there are two things drastically wrong with this argument: first, Obama never instituted a six-month ban on Iraqis. In actuality, after it was discovered that two Iraqi immigrants were trying to send weapons and money back to Iraq, Obama’s administration re-vetted all incoming Iraqis. During this period, refugees were still being let into the country. There was NEVER a ban.

Second, A MASSACRE IN BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED! Good fucking Lord, man! Bending the truth is one thing. However; this woman legitimately made up a terrorist attack that never occurred. This can’t be fucking life, man! Kellyanne Conway is in a legit position of power and she’s BLATANTLY making up information, son. These are the people who are leading our country, bruh. This type of shit should scare everyone. All it takes is one grandiose and misplaced lie to start a war with another nation. Shit, ain’t that how the Iraq War started in the first place? Whatever happened to those “weapons of mass destruction,” George W. Bush?

Ultimately, I’m losing more and more of my hair everyday, son. Well, that’s a lie since I’m already bald, but we all know what I mean, man. This administration is driving my stress level to ungodly heights. The amount of incompetence is fucking frightening, son. *Sigh* I don’t know what else to say here. LC out.