Thank You, America

Thank you, America. Thank you for hating Hispanics. Thank you for hating Muslims. Thank you for hating Black people. Thank you for hating women. Thank you for hating the LGBTQ community. Thank you for hating disabled people. Thank you for hating every group of individuals Donald Trump has shitted on over the course of this election. America, you have emphatically shown us what type of despicable country you are and what you actually value: bigotry across all platforms. Bravo, America! Fucking bravo!

At this point, I could write two sentences or I could write an entire dissertation. I’m truly fucking confused by what happened last night. People, please tell me I’m dreaming. Please tell me Trump isn’t really the next president of our country. Please tell me we didn’t let an overwhelming wave of hate, irrational fear and stupidity guide the future of our nation. Look, I’m absolutely APPALLED by the people of this country. I just hope we’re all ready for a strong presence of racism, sexism, xenophobia, religious persecution and tax breaks for the rich. We’ve already seen bigots become way more emboldened as Trump gained power, and with him going to the Oval Office, I don’t see that weakening any time soon. When we add up a Republican presidency, Senate, House, and most likely, Supreme Court, that equals four years of unadulterated HELL!

In the end, I have nothing else to say, son. Nothing at all, man. All I know is, I’m not writing shit for the rest of this week, possibly longer. I’m done. Fucking done here. As my fiancée always says, “this country isn’t for us.” In this case, the “us” is literally EVERY disenfranchised group. Goodbye.

P.S. I don’t want to hear SHIT from anyone who didn’t vote or voted for a third-party candidate. They, along with a higher turnout of uneducated White voters, allowed this nonsense to happen. Thanks for absolutely nothing, y’all.

Go Vote!

Ok, does this even need to be explained, man? Anyone who reads this blog knows I’ve been covering this presidential election since the Stone Age. At this point, nothing else needs to be said, son. Everyone out there needs to get their asses up and vote!

Look, I don’t want to hear any excuses here. I don’t want to hear about how voting doesn’t matter. Even if people question how much of a change a president can make, there are also the down ballot races that have more immediate effects on our own neighborhoods. In addition, all minorities better not play themselves out there. Our predecessors risked their lives and more than a few died to secure our right to be heard. Please, please, don’t spit in their faces, man!

In the end, it doesn’t matter who we all vote for (unless it’s Donald Trump). Regardless of whether we’re Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or a supporter of the Green Party, we need to make sure our voices ring loudly. Listen, I’m not just being cliché here. I really mean this shit, son. Get up, stand up and vote! Let’s get to it! Good day.