RIP Atatiana Jefferson

So, I won’t lie, son. On the real, when innocent Black people are killed by the police, I swing between two different emotions: rage and numbness. Shit, depending on the day, I’m either a raging maniac or scarily numb. All I can say is, I’m in the rage stage right now. The fact is, there are NO circumstances that can justify the death of Atatiana Jefferson. Frankly, I’m having a hard time articulating myself, man.

Ok, for those who are unaware, this past weekend, Jefferson was murdered by Fort Worth officer Aaron Dean in her own home. Now, according to the story, around 2:30 AM on Saturday, Jefferson was babysitting her nephew. Apparently, her neighbor noticed that her front door was slightly open. Anyway, being a concerned neighbor, this individual called the police and asked them to do a wellness check. From there, within a second or two of arriving on the scene, Dean shot Jefferson through the window, in front of her nephew. Please note, he was lurking outside of her house and never identified himself as an officer.

Now, before I continue, let me address those “she had a gun in the house” people. Yes, motherfucker, if a person I don’t know is outside of my window at 2:30 in the morning, I have every right to arm myself. The truth is, Dean didn’t follow any protocol, didn’t properly assess the situation and shot an innocent woman in her own fucking house. On the real, I don’t want to hear any of that “he feared for his life” shit. This dickhead was there for a cotdamn wellness check, fam. What part of the game is shooting a woman through the fucking window, bruh? Honestly, I’m mad as FUCK right now, son.

In the end, I have nothing else to say, man. Ultimately, I just want to say Rest In Peace to Atatiana Jefferson. By and by, she died in the most senseless way, fam. In addition, I feel terrible about the fact that her nephew was there to witness that, bruh. At the end of the day, fuck Aaron Dean and I hope the courts give him exactly what he deserves. That is all. LC out.

Black People Shouldn’t Call The Police For Help

Look, I just want to cut to the chase here. At this point in time, Black people have no reason to trust the police. Time and time again, law enforcement has shown us they have absolutely no regard for our rights or our safety. Their disdain for us is so strong, that even when we call them for help, our lives are still in danger. Now, after watching the viral video of a White officer arresting three Black women in Fort Worth, Texas, I’m standing firm in my belief that Black people should never, ever, EVER call the police for anything.

So, let’s quickly review this situation. Jacqueline Craig called the cops because her White neighbor choked her 7-year-old son. The neighbor alleged that the boy littered on his property and refused to pick it up. Somehow, this grown ass man thought it was appropriate to assault a child over litter. Now, when the cop arrived on the scene, instead of arresting the man for harming a kid, he decided to flippantly tell Craig to teach her son not to litter. From there, Craig told the officer that on top of the fact the neighbor couldn’t prove her son littered, even if he did, that still didn’t give him the right to hurt the boy. In response to that sound logic, the officer asked “why not?” Wait, what? WHAT?!? This fucking turd in a uniform really thought it was alright for an adult to choke a child over some trash he may or may not have placed on his property?! I’m literally beside myself from the pure lack of respect, man. The plain disregard for our basic humanity is mind-boggling, son!

Moving on, Craig’s daughter, Brea Hymond, tried to get in the middle of a heated exchange between her mother and the officer. Somehow, this led to the cop pulling out a taser and wrestling both women to the ground. Good fucking Lord, man! How the hell did we get here? How the fuck does a woman call the police for help and end up getting both assaulted and arrested? Protect and serve? This cop decided to protect and serve the rights of a violent ass neighbor who put his hands on a child! THIS is why we say Black Lives Matter! Even when we need assistance, we’re treated like criminals! Even when we extend our hands, we end up with spit on our face! I can’t take this shit anymore, man! I really fucking can’t! Black people have no place, no rights and no dignity in this fucking country! We’re still treated like three-fifths of a person.

Ultimately, I’m getting to the point where I don’t believe racial equality is possible in America. When situations like this continue to happen, it’s hard to actually believe we’ll ever reach the progress we’re so desperately fighting for. We can’t even get our detractors to acknowledge our lives are in peril, let alone get them to strive for change. All in all, Black people shouldn’t trust the police and we shouldn’t trust anyone who says “we need to have a discussion.” Fuck a discussion, man! Stop hurting us! Stop killing us! Stop belittling our pain! If that isn’t on the agenda, then shut the fuck up and get out of the way! I’m out.