Don’t Drop The Soap, Dylann Roof

Oh, wait, is someone offended by the title of this post? Pardon me while I casually shrug, son. Now, look, I’m not the guy who’s out here advocating violence against anyone. However; to be frank, if anyone out there expects me to feel some type of sympathy for Dylann Roof, I regret to inform those individuals, they’ve come to the wrong blog.

Now, apparently, while Roof was on his way to the shower yesterday, a dude by the name of Dwayne Stafford decided to deliver a little bit of street justice. A few punches to the dome later, Roof ended up with some bruises on his face and back. The injuries weren’t anything serious, but probably enough for Roof to realize he won’t be safe in jail. Side bar, I see what the news networks are doing out there. Accused shooter, son? I completely understand the “innocent until proven guilty” aspect of our justice system, but the last time I checked, this kid confessed to the nine murders at Emanuel AME Church. I guess it’s easy to go from being a “race war” enthusiast to an accused shooter when you’re White. In any case, I can absolutely see this being the start of many attacks on the 22-year-old. Like I insinuated earlier, two wrongs don’t make a right, but dammit man, a person can’t murder that many people in cold blood without someone trying to enact some type of retribution.

In the end, I don’t even think I have a point in this post. Honestly, I heard about the incident and not a fiber of my being was moved. Maybe it’s wrong, but it’s extremely difficult for me to have any kind of empathy for such a vicious killer. Let’s not forget the victims here. Those nine church members invited him into their church, into their world, and all he gave them in return was premature death. I know everyone doesn’t believe in karma, but shiiiiiiit, this might only be the beginning for Dylann. Good luck, murderer. Good luck.