Randi B. & LC: DMX, Daunte Wright & George Floyd

On this episode, Randi B. and I talk about DMX, Daunte Wright, George Floyd and a variety of other topics. Check it out on YouTube below.

Damn, DMX

Man, folks don’t understand how much DMX‘s fall from grace bothers me. Like, that man’s music has had a HUGE influence on me, son. Real talk, if it wasn’t for Earl Simmons, I wouldn’t be a rapper, man. Shit, I would’ve NEVER tried to make my own music if it wasn’t for X, fam. With that being said, it sucks to see him constantly battle his demons, bruh. All in all, his tax evasion conviction is just another example of a dude who’s now a shell of himself.

Ok, before I continue, let me expound on how much of an X fan I am. Now, during the summer of 2000, I was bedridden with a broken leg. Moving on, all I did during that time was watch Rap City on BET. Anyway, at that particular moment, X’s “What These Bitches Want” video was my favorite thing in the world. On the real, I loved that video so much, I pondered on the various ways I could live that life. That day, I picked up a composition notebook, put on “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” from It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot and wrote my first rhyme. Side note, I want everyone to say “yeah my name is L, and I do it well” with X’s flow. Yes, that’s how my first verse went, son.

Now, I wrote all of that to express how trash it is to see him in trouble yet again. Basically, X owes the government $2.29 million in taxes and they gave him a year in prison. So, Dark Man X is about to spend MORE time behind bars. *Sigh* I swear, these days, anytime X is in the news, he’s either gotten somebody pregnant or he’s going to jail. It’s so fucking wack, man. Keeping it a buck, I just wish this dude would gain some sort of stability. Hell, I don’t even need new music from him. I just want him to LOOK like the legend he is, fam. That is all a brother wants, bruh.

In the end, long live DMX, son! Ultimately, the guy is an icon and needs to behave as such. By and by, I’m tired of seeing him in some kind of fuckery, man. Now, since it’s almost all self-inflicted, I need him to have some accountability and make a real change. At the end of the day, as long as he’s still breathing, a change can be made. Yeah, I know that sounds philosophical, but it’s also true, fam. Good day. LC out.

Chris Brown: Allergic To Prosperity

Throughout history, there have been many examples of individuals who appear to be allergic to doing the right thing. Whether we’re talking about DMX, Bobby Brown or old school Robert Downey Jr., some people just seem impervious to prospering in life. I think it’s beyond safe to say Chris Brown is one of those individuals. Regardless of how many chances this dude gets, he always seems to find himself in some stew of fuckery. At this point, after his latest run-in with the law, I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t find himself back in prison. However; this time, it might not be for a small stretch, son.

Ok, look, anyone with an internet connection should be aware of what’s happening with Brown right now. Yesterday, ol’ buddy was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after Baylee Curran, a former beauty queen, accused him of pulling a gun on her in his home. According to her story, she was “admiring” some of his jewelry when Brown lost his cotdamn mind and pointed a weapon at her. Side note, I put “admiring” in quotes because it appears Curran isn’t new to stealing things and running off on the plug. As it stands now, the NYPD is looking to speak with her regarding a theft at The Plaza Hotel back in 2013.

In any case, after calling 911, the police arrived on the scene and attempted to search Brown’s home. When he demanded that the officers retrieve a search warrant before entering his house, a standoff ensued with the police waiting outside. To make matters even worse, Brown, apparently, threw a duffle bag out of his window, which reportedly had several weapons and drugs inside. On the real, this entire episode sounds like some shit that would happen in an HBO drama, son. I swear, it’s impossible to make this dude’s life up, man. He always finds himself in some type of high-level tomfoolery.

With all of that being said, I literally can’t understand what’s wrong with this dude, man. Even if it comes out this woman was trying to steal a chain or something, why is his first reaction to pull a gun on her? Why is he always showing large amounts of aggression towards women? Why on earth would he be in this kind of predicament with his daughter in the house? Why haven’t any of his handlers stopped him from being HIM yet? Good Lord, man, this guy continues to spiral out of control and no progress is being made. Hell, the man has already gone to prison for being an idiot, so what’s it going to take for him to realize he’s a detriment to himself and everyone else around him? He can’t keep claiming that people are trying to assassinate his character when he doesn’t alter his lifestyle in the slightest. If I spent my days doing drugs, hanging with bum-ass dudes and consorting with questionable women, then yeah, I might be in trouble a lot too. That goes for any of us, bruh.

All I know is, it doesn’t look good for this guy, son. He’s already got a felony on his record, and if he’s convicted of this latest offense, he’ll have yet another one. If this dude isn’t careful, he might completely ruin what’s left of his career. I mean, he’s already destroyed his destiny of being the next Usher, bruh. All in all, he’ll be lucky if he’s able to sing at all after this. Good day.