A Letter To Chrisette Michele

Dear Chrisette Michele,

I rarely use the phrase “real talk,” but real talk, you need to go away now. At this point, none of us care about whatever logic you’ve used to justify performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration. The damage has already been done, lady. On the real, my main gripe with you is the fact that you don’t seem to understand how you’ve fucked up. As weird as it sounds, I would’ve respected you more if you just said you did it for the money. However; if you really think you’ve helped the disenfranchised in any way with your performance, you’re more lost than I was while watching Lost.

Now, ever since Black people began to drag you for filth on social media, you’ve been trying to explain your actions. I’ve seen a lot of bullshit about “being heard” and “helping,” and all of it made me want to barf. Listen, did you really think a falsetto was going to stop the Trump administration from its impending fuckery? Did your song stop him from appointing racists to his cabinet? Did your song stop him from vowing to continue DAPL? Did your song stop him from decreasing FHA mortgage insurance? Did your song stop him from threatening to send the Feds into Chicago? Did your song stop him from promising to cut a variety of cultural programs across the nation? Do you see my point, Chrisette? YOUR SONG DIDN’T MEAN SHIT!

Look, after all of that, I didn’t even mention the fact that Trump didn’t have the decency to shake your hand. So, in the end, you’ve sacrificed your integrity and the support of YOUR people for absolutely nothing. Shit, you’ve even admitted that some of your family members have now disowned you. So, ask yourself a question: was it all worth it? I didn’t think so, Chrisette. I didn’t think so.

Oh, by the way, how DARE you take aim at Spike Lee the way you did? You had the audacity to utter the words “fuck you” to Spike Lee? Shelton Jackson Lee?! A man who has dedicated his entire film career to speaking about issues that affect the Black community? That’s the dude you’ve decided to disrespect? All because he no longer wanted to use your song in his show? You’ve got a lot of fucking nerve, woman! I won’t front like I’ve enjoyed all of his latter movies, but he’s also never disgraced himself as a Black person. As of right now, that’s a crown you seem eager to flaunt and parade around.

All in all, just take your L and go home. Disappear. Poof, be gone. At this particular junction, you were already a niche artist who depended on a core fan base to keep your career going. Good luck selling tickets now, though. You’ve shitted on the people that always had your back. I hope that Trump paycheck is comforting. That might be all you have in the immediate future.


A disappointed former fan who bought your first, second and fourth albums

My Weary Thoughts On DAPL & The Oregon Standoff

Ok, let’s all be real here, son. Being White is CLEARLY awesome, man. Honestly, it must be the best thing in the world. I mean, White people can literally do ANYTHING and get away with it. It’s absolutely amazing to see, man. Keeping it a buck, after seeing what happened with the White militia members involved in the Oregon standoff, I must say, I’m a little too weary to be as outraged as I should. However; here goes nothing, son.

So, before I continue, let me try to make sense of all of this. Now, back in January, a group of armed militants took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge building in Oregon. They had gripes with federal control of local land and vowed to occupy the building until said land was turned over to local authorities. Wait, did I mention the fact they were ARMED AND TOOK OVER A FEDERAL FUCKING BUILDING?! Ok, eventually, they were apprehended by police and charged with “possessing a firearm in a federal facility” and “conspiring to impede federal workers from their jobs.” After taking a look at this picture, the case should’ve been easy, right? Wrong! Really fucking wrong, son!

After all of the hoopla, everyone involved in this situation was acquitted of their crimes. Now, I want everyone to re-read the charges against them, go back and look at the embedded picture and explain this shit to me. How in the entire fuck did these fucks get acquitted, son?! At the bare minimum, WE KNEW THEY HAD GUNS BECAUSE WE SAW THEM! Good Lord, man, White people don’t even get in trouble for shit we know they did! Meanwhile, Native American protestors are getting arrested, beaten and shot at ON THEIR OWN SACRED LAND for speaking against a crude-oil pipeline! Man, I literally don’t understand how this country works, son.

Now, for those who are unaware, the protest I’m referring to is a fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. If this pipeline were built, it would run through numerous sacred sites and underneath the water supply for the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. Needless to say, this would HUGELY effect the lives of the Native Americans living there. These reservations are a small piece of THEIR ACTUAL LAND that they have left and it’s being taken away from them too. They have every right to protest, yet they’re being victimized, publicly. Meanwhile, White people with guns can commandeer an entire federal building and shit is all good. I’m fucking done, man. Done!

In the end, fuck this country, son. I’m sorry, man, but there isn’t much positivity in this God-forsaken place. The government sucks, the police suck, capitalism sucks, it all sucks. I used to joke about it, but I’m really thinking about leaving. Let these racist and bigoted idiots tear themselves to shreds. Fuck ’em.