Who Are These Weirdos Who Like Snow?

Listen, I hate snow, son. Like, I REALLY hate snow, man. I mean, around the age of 10, I realized that snow was nothing more than some powdery shit that gets in the cotdamn way. Needless to say, I don’t understand adults who actually like snow. Real talk, I question if those people have substantial things to do. If so, then I guarantee all of this gratuitous snow is slowing them down, fam. In any case, I really want to know, who are these weird ass people who enjoy this type of weather, bruh?

Ok, I won’t lie, son. I was inspired to write this post after digging my car out of the snow this morning. Now, therein lies my point, man. Look, before taking my youngest son to school and before going to work, I had to spend time shoveling my car out of the abyss. Essentially, snow ain’t nothing more than a nuisance, fam. Shit, even when it comes to the kids, after the snow turns dirty, they can’t play in the shit anymore. So, why would anyone enjoy this tomfoolery, bruh?

In the end, I’m just bitter, son. On the real, I was born and raised in New York City and STILL can’t jive with this snow shit, man. Keeping it a buck, every winter, I wonder why the fuck I’m still here, fam. Hell, growing up, I was used to blizzards and shit, bruh. Now, we’ve got to deal with “bomb cyclones” and “polar vortices.” Ultimately, I don’t know what any of those phrases mean, folks. However; I do know that it means that parking is going to be a damn safari for the next month or two. By and by, I’m over all of it, folks. That is all. LC out.