My Wife Is Starting A Podcast

So, I won’t lie, son. On the real, I’ve been SUPER M.I.A. lately, man. I mean, between family, work, finishing my album and my general disinterest in the current state of politics, I haven’t been inspired to write, fam. In any case, I couldn’t let this moment pass without giving a shout-out to my wife, Triciah, and Alanna, our extended family. The ladies are starting a podcast called Loc’d & Lit.

Ok, as the name suggests, the podcast will be a celebration of literature, women of color, locs and everything in between. For the time being, everyone needs to follow the ladies on Instagram at @locd_and_lit. Once their website is up and running, I’ll let everyone know. Once they start dropping episodes, I’ll let everyone know. Shit, behind the scenes, they’re already handling things more professionally than I do.

In the end, nothing else needs to be said, bruh. Ultimately, I’m hyped to see this thing take off. By and by, Black women owning their own narrative is the wave, son. Let’s get it! That is all. LC out.

Black Women: Don’t Take Advice From Trick Daddy

Look, if we’re being completely honest here, some people don’t deserve the internet, son. In the age of social media, fools with low IQ’s have used their respective accounts to spread all types of riff raff and tomfoolery. Apparently, Trick Daddy is a proud member of this group of idiots. Shit, he might be the Supreme Ruler of this group of idiots. In an Instagram rant he released two days ago, he had an entire thesis about what was wrong with Black women. Needless to say, I wholeheartedly believe someone should take away this clown’s WiFi and 4G connections.

So, Trick Daddy’s hot take revolved around the idea that Black women are losing to Spanish and White women. Apparently, Spanish and White women are getting better looking and Black women need to “tighten up.” In addition, in his eyes, once fairer-skinned women learn how to fry chicken, Black women will be “useless.” Wait, let me take a step back, for a second. I want everyone to re-read this paragraph and replace the word “women” with “hoes,” because that’s exactly how Trick said it. I mean, his remarks were a breathtaking display of eloquence, son.

Moving on, let’s look at all of the ways EVERYTHING Trick just said is a bunch of fuckity-fuck shit. First, let’s talk about the fact he reduced all women down to their appearance. To guys like him, all women, not just Black women, are nothing more than titties, asses and pretty faces. I mean, what else are women good for, right? Oh, I forgot, they’re also good for frying chicken. In the good ol’ days, Black women had that game on lock, son. However; since Spanish and White women are on the “come up,” Black women might lose that title too, bro. Is he serious? Is he really fucking serious, man? This dummy went on an entire rant about women and couldn’t mention anything more than looks and cooking? Are we still in the 1950s? Last time I checked, women read books and had opinions too, son. Then again, who wants to hear any of that from them, amirite? Can I get a high five? No? Ok, I’ll sit down.

Now, with all of that being said, the dumbest part of this whole situation is the fact there are men out there who agree with Trick. I’ve actually seen dudes on both IG and Facebook talk about how Trick “had a point” and how he’s “keeping it real.” What was real about what he said, man? Listen, miscellaneous Black men, just because the Black women YOU deal with ain’t shit doesn’t mean ALL or even MOST Black women ain’t shit. It’s amazing how some dudes only converse with women in bars, clubs, strip clubs and the block and wonder why they haven’t found any stability. That’s like me kicking it with homeless people every day and wondering why body odor is a constant problem.

Look, if we only associate with a certain type of person, we’re going to keep getting the same results. Hell, I’ve heard strippers say they only date women now because “men ain’t shit.” Well, if the only men they see day in and day out are the ones slapping them on their asses with singles, OF COURSE they’d have a low opinion of men. How about we all upgrade our respective social circles, son. Side note, I still love strip clubs, though. I mean, why the hell wouldn’t I, man?

In the end, all I’m trying to say is, Black women, don’t take advice from someone who uses alcohol, weed and cocaine to treat Lupus. Clearly, he doesn’t make the right decisions for himself, so why take any life lessons from him? Good day.