My Beef With Elizabeth Warren’s View On Charter Schools

So, here we are, son. It’s October 25, 2019 and Elizabeth Warren is one of the frontrunners for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. Now, I won’t lie, man. On the real, I go back and forth about what I think about Warren. On one hand, I like some of her ideas. On the other hand, I can’t get with some of her stances. Side bar, I genuinely don’t believe that companies like Facebook or Amazon will allow her to break them up. But, that’s neither here nor there, fam. In any case, I legitimately have a beef with her position on charter schools. All in all, I think these institutions are always unfairly maligned.

Ok, for those who are unaware, Warren has a “plan” to improve public schools while simultaneously ending funding for new charter schools. Now, according to her vision, she wants to impose a 2% “wealth tax” that would hit households that make $50 million and up. The goal is to use that money to improve K-12 programs nationwide. In addition, Warren is looking to stop federal funding for new charter schools and subject existing charter schools to the same “accountability rules” as public schools.

Look, the way I see it, this plan perpetuates the idea that there’s something inherently wrong with charter schools. Now, to be fair, I may be a little biased, bruh. I mean, I currently have two children who are benefiting from a charter school education. Side bar, shout-out to Success Academy, son. In any case, while my family is thoroughly entrenched in the charter school system, I can admit that there are some issues. Namely, the lottery system. Real talk, the idea of a lottery system is problematic as shit, man. Basically, it’s designed in a way that prohibits all children from receiving the same education. So, I can readily see the fault with that, fam.

But, with all of that being said, let’s keep it a buck, bruh. The truth is, charter schools exist because public schools are fucking awful. Listen, I’ve heard the “let’s tax the rich” argument for fucking years, son. All I know is, that shit hasn’t worked yet, man. The way I see it, as long as public school funding is determined by tax bracket and property value, underprivileged kids will always get the short end of the stick. Shit, I grew up in the Bronx and my middle school principal personally gave me an application for Prep for Prep as a way to get me out of my school district. Sadly, he knew that there were better opportunities outside of my neighborhood. So, he decided to look out for me.

In the end, charter schools are not the problem, fam. Ultimately, charter schools are unfairly targeted by people like Warren and Bill de Blasio because no one has come up with a sensible enough plan to fix our broken public school system. By and by, taxing the rich works in theory, but that idea has never gotten off of the ground, bruh. At the end of the day, I’ll take my kids out of their charter school when wealthier people stop getting better free education. That is all. LC out.

I Don’t Want To Watch ‘When They See Us’

So, I want to take this time to be honest, son. On the real, I haven’t watched Ava DuVernay‘s When They See Us yet. Frankly, my spirit can’t take it, man. Like, the Central Park Five case makes me mad, fam. I mean, REALLY mad, bruh. Shit, my wife damn near had to force me to watch Ken Burns‘ documentary, y’all. The fact is, so many things that minorities fear about the justice system are wrapped up in this case, people. All in all, New York City stole the youth of five innocent men.

Now, before I continue, let me say that I’m not going to explain the entire case here. Hell, that’s what DuVernay’s Netflix series is for, son. However, I just want to touch on some of the shenanigans that caused these young men to lose themselves. First, there are the “confessions.” Real talk, the police department put the fear of God in a group of teenagers, man. The truth is, the cops scared a bunch of Black kids into admitting to a crime they flatly didn’t commit.

From there, the prosecutor, Linda Fairstein, did her best to railroad these young men. Despite the fact their “confessions” didn’t add up, she fucked them. Despite the fact they had alibis, she fucked them. Despite the fact their DNA didn’t match the culprit, the District Attorney‘s office STILL burned them at the stake. To make matters worse, even after Matias Reyes, the real rapist, admitted to the crime, authorities CONTINUE to claim the Central Park Five were responsible. Look, Reyes’ DNA proved he was the offender, yet Fairstein and company REFUSE to acknowledge the truth. Side note, don’t get me started on Donald Trump and all of his racist “bring back the death penalty” bullshit. All I know is, this case makes my soul hurt, fam.

In the end, I do believe everyone should watch this series, bruh. Ultimately, I’ll most likely end up watching it too. By and by, I just need to mentally prepare myself, son. At the end of the day, these are the perils that people of color have to deal with in this country, man. *Sigh* It’s just incredibly draining to constantly go through the nonsense, fam. That is all. LC out.

P.S. New Yorkers have plenty of reasons to shit on Bill de Blasio, but at least he gave the Central Park Five their money, bruh. Keeping it a buck, Michael Bloomberg is permanently on my shit list for fighting that settlement, son. Good day.

What The F*ck Is Good With These Bombings?!

Man, what the fuck is going on in the tri-state area?! Since Saturday, there’s been a ton of confusion and unanswered questions when it comes to the bombings that occurred in New York and New Jersey. To be real, I’m not even sure what to say at the moment, but I still feel like I need to say something. Anything. I guess, for me, this post is an attempt to make sense of the tomfoolery going on in my city right now. With that being said, let’s see if we can talk our way through this one.

So, this past Saturday, both New Jersey and New York had to deal with unexpected bombings. First, over in Seaside Park, New Jersey, a garbage can exploded near a Marine Corps charity run. Then, here in New York’s Chelsea area, another bomb went off, which ultimately injured 29 people. To make matters even worse, just last night, over in Elizabeth, New Jersey, authorities found a backpack containing about five more bombs. One of the bombs in the bag ended up going off during the investigation.

While Bill de Blasio, New York City’s mayor, didn’t link the explosions to terrorism at first, new evidence now points to a man named Ahmad Khan Rahami. Apparently, this Afghan-born, naturalized U.S. citizen was seen on surveillance cameras near the various target sites. As I write this, I’m being told authorities actually caught the guy, shooting him in the leg during his arrest.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, what in the hell does this all mean, man? As I’m sure everyone knows, NYC is no stranger to terrorist attacks. However; I truly don’t know what to make of all of this. Granted, the situation is still very fresh, but I honestly hope this isn’t a sign of bigger things to come. Literally, as I continue to write this post, my homegirl LeShay just texted me about more threats being found at Times Square and Union Square. This situation is completely out of hand, man. It’s times like this when it’s difficult to put everything into perspective. If this man truly is to blame, our first priority should be figuring out if he’s part of something larger. I’m sure it goes without saying, but this is the LAST thing this country needs.

All I know is, these are the moments when we can’t allow intimidators to back us into a corner from fear. Now, I’m sure that sounds like some silly movie line, but I’m dead serious, man. In the end, everyone be safe out there. Good day.