Kyle Rittenhouse Is A Monster That America Created

So, I won’t lie, son. On the real, I feel very scatterbrained today. Like, I have so many thoughts right now that I’m not exactly sure how to structure it all. The fact of the matter is, Kyle Rittenhouse is a vigilante, a terrorist and a monster that America created. I mean, just think about it, man: Rittenhouse shot three people who were protesting the fact that the police shot Jacob Blake. Essentially, two people died because they were upset that ANOTHER unarmed Black man got shot. *Sigh* I literally can’t make this shit up, fam.

Ok, for those who missed it, Kenosha, Wisconsin just became even more of a shit-show. Now, after the shooting of Jacob Blake, protestors have taken to the streets. As expected, folks are fucking outraged that yet another Black person has been victimized by law enforcement. However, instead of acknowledging the reason for people’s rage, detractors and media personalities just demonize the way that folks protest. And THIS is exactly the reason why murderers like Rittenhouse exist.

Look, it happens time and time again, bruh. Racists constantly spin the narrative to distract from what people are protesting about. Instead of recognizing the injustice, they talk about the manner in which people react. But, we all know that this has nothing to do with “riots,” son. Shit, all Colin Kaepernick did was kneel (at the behest of a veteran) and the nation lost its fucking mind. So, miss me with all of that, man. The problem is, painting protestors as “thugs” and “degenerates” is precisely why killers like Rittenhouse feel emboldened.

Hell, let’s be clear, fam. Rittenhouse came from Antioch, Illinois, a town 30 minutes away from Kenosha, to “protect” a car dealership that wasn’t his. In addition, despite the fact that Kenosha is an open carry state, Rittenhouse is too young to even qualify. On top of that, he was outside after curfew, just like all of the protestors that police chief Daniel Miskinis was criticizing. The fact of the matter is, Rittenhouse is a documented Blue Lives Matter zealot who took it upon himself to kill protestors.

The way I see it, Rittenhouse is a product of the narrative that’s permeated through right-wing America. For so long, they’ve denied the agency of Black people, criticized anyone who’s dared to speak out and blindly support our victimizers. All in all, this is the world that Rittenhouse subscribes to. So, it makes perfect sense that he would take this type of action. He’s just espousing the beliefs that he’s been subjected to. With all of that being said, the entire country is responsible for the deeds of that 17-year-old terrorist.

In the end, I’m beyond tired, bruh. Ultimately, I’ve said that before, but I legitimately shed a tear last night. By and by, it’s still painful to see that a large portion of the country doesn’t give a flying shit about us. At the end of the day, the idea that we’re desensitized is nonsense. The truth is, I still feel EVERYTHING, son. Everything. That is all. LC out.

P.S. From the depths of my soul, I want to say FUCK TUCKER CARLSON! Ok, yes, he’s always been a piece of shit, but last night was a new low, even for him. This clown-cake really suggested that Rittenhouse was dispensing justice because the police wouldn’t. Like, I don’t even know how to properly respond to that statement. Listen, I know the game that Fox News is playing, but this is too far, man. Honestly, they need to take some type of action against him ASAP. Fin.

5 responses to “Kyle Rittenhouse Is A Monster That America Created

  1. I don’t have the foggiest idea why I’m engaging this post, but here we are.

    For years the left and right media have been presenting one-side of the story from one perspective. They each refuse to consider the other side’s facts from their perspective. We are all being manipulated into thinking the other side is evil and crazy instead of taking a second to consider that the other side might just possibly be just as reasonable as we are.

    Take a minute and consider: what if the roles were reversed?

    Kyle’s lawyer put out a press release a few days ago and laid out his story from his side. Imagine if Kyle were black, defending black businesses from the KKK in the 50’s or 60’s. Below is a synopsis of the events of the day according to Kyle’s lawyer:

    Kyle was in Kenosha the day of the incident working as a life guard at the community pool. From the pool, he went to the high school to clean off graffiti. Later he and friend were recruited to help guard an auto dealership that had been partially destroyed.

    So Kyle borrowed a gun from his friend and stood guard at the dealership. Well past the 8pm curfew, Police finally move in and start to disperse the crowd past Kyle and his group. As they pass, the crowd yells insults and taunts Kyle’s group. Once gone, Kyle notices some people injured at a gas station. He runs over with a first aid kit to help. He runs back and forth a few times before police prevent him from returning to his group and order him to proceed down the street.

    Kyle proceeds, heading toward another mechanic shop that he learns is in danger of being attacked. On his way, members of the mob recognize him, get angry that he was protecting businesses, and start taunting and accosting him. Kyle runs, and the mob starts chasing him. Kyle is keenly aware of what could happen if they catch him. It’s no stretch to think they could beat him until he’s brain-damaged or dead.

    There’s a gun shot, and Kyle turns to see someone right behind him grabbing for his gun. Kyle shoots the man several times. Kyle stops long enough to make sure someone is giving first aid to the man he shot, then takes off running again because he knows he’s in danger.

    While running away from the mob towards the police he’s knocked down. He’s kicked. He’s surrounded and the mob is closing in. He’s hit with a skateboard; he turns and shoots the man that hit him. He turns his gun on a man right behind him. The man has his hands up in a “Don’t shoot” posture, then makes a sudden jerk and pulls out a handgun from his waste. Kyle shoots this man in the arm, then proceeds down the street to surrender to police.

    Again, imagine for a minute the KKK wrote racist slurs on the high school and was burning down black businesses. Would you be stressing about whether the gun crossed state line (it didn’t) or whether Kyle was legally allowed to open carry (he was), or that he was out past curfew? Or would you be stressing that the GD MF KKK was burning down the whole fucking city and the cops were standing by doing nothing?

    For real, this is same sort of shit that went down in the South. The KKK terrorized black communities, the police did nothing, and the courts didn’t even try to prosecute them. The only option left available is to defend yourself, but as soon as you do, KKK-sympathizing prosecutors would come down on you with the full force of the law.

    What we all need to realize is that most people that empathize with BLM, and most people that empathize with Kyle, WANT THE SAME DAMN THING. Everyone should have the RIGHT to be safe and secure in their person and property; doesn’t matter if it’s the cops trying to take away those rights or the mob.

    Take a minute, man. We want the same thing. The media is trying to manipulate us and set us against each other.

  2. Just talking shit, that’s all. Kyle is an American hero. Bad guys learned they aren’t in charge. They got what they deserved.

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