What’s Wrong With Serena Williams?

So, let me begin this post by saying that Serena Williams is the greatest tennis player of all time. No, not just the greatest women’s player, but the greatest player, period. In any case, something is off about her, son. I mean, it’s almost as if she can’t win the big match anymore. All in all, what’s wrong with Serena Williams?

Ok, for those who missed it, Williams just played in the 2019 US Open final. She ended up losing in straight sets to 19-year-old Bianca Andreescu. Now, if this was an isolated incident, then I wouldn’t be that pressed about it. However, this is the fourth straight major final that Williams has lost. Shit, she lost the 2018 Wimbledon final to Angelique Kerber, she lost the 2018 US Open final to Naomi Osaka, she lost the 2019 Wimbledon final to Simona Halep and now this one. Listen, before this streak, she had a 23-6 record in major finals, dating back to 1999. Fam, she’s almost doubled that loss total in less than two years.

On the real, I wonder if the pressure is starting to get to her, man. Hell, with another win, she’d tie Margaret Court with the most major wins ever. Like, ever, bruh. Listen, Williams is already the greatest, but this would put her in the record books forever, son. Frankly, I really want to know if there’s a mental block that’s keeping her from reaching this feat. I mean, everyone she’s lost to is a great player, but she’s fucking Serena Williams, fam. If she’s good enough to keep reaching these finals, she’s good enough to win it all, brethren.

My fear is, the run is going to eventually come to an end, son. Like, there’s no guarantee that she’s going to keep making it to the finals of these tournaments, man. All I know is, if she doesn’t get that 24th title, she’s going to be sick looking back on all of the missed opportunities, fam. Now, keeping it a buck, it’s miracle that she’s been so productive post-pregnancy and post-illness. However, she’s Superwoman to me, bruh. The fact is, I don’t want to see her end her career without reaching that milestone, folks.

In the end, I hope Williams can figure this shit out, son. Ultimately, an athlete of her stature deserves to stand alone at the top. By and by, I just want her to get it done before the well dries up, man. At the end of the day, not even the greatest can do it forever, fam. Let’s get it done, Serena! That is all. LC out.

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