Nah, Donald Trump, We’re Good On These Alerts

So, let me get straight to the point, son. Aiyyo, Donald Trump, check this out, bruh: we don’t need any alerts sent to our phones, man. Real talk, knock it the fuck off, dude. Shit, it’s bad enough that he’s ruined Twitter forever, fam. Frankly, I don’t need unfiltered shenanigans sent directly to my mobile device, brethren. All in all, how long will it take before he tries to propagate his propaganda on our phones, people?

Ok, at this point, I shouldn’t have to explain to anyone what’s going on here. I mean, I’m fairly certain that everybody with a smartphone got a Presidential Alert from FEMA. In any case, this was done as part of Trump’s National Wireless Emergency Alert System initiative. Now, I won’t lie, son. In case of an emergency, I can see how something like this would be helpful. However, we’re talking about a man who consistently uses technology and his position to spread vicious lies and dangerous rumors (word to Big Boi). On the real, I don’t want that type of person randomly popping up on my phone, man. Hell, I’d rather have a chick send me a nude pic with my wife in the room, fam. Side note, that is a complete lie, bruh. Ladies, don’t send me any nudes! I value my life, ma’am! Let me alone, Becky!

In the end, Trump and FEMA can keep their alerts, son. Ultimately, if I was really looking for information, I wouldn’t go to those sources, man. By and by, dudes like Trump would find a way to politically spin a cotdamn earthquake, fam. At the end of the day, I don’t need that type of energy around me, bruh. That is all. LC out.

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