Fetty Wap’s Baby Mamas Need To Chill

Look, I try my hardest to stay away from Love & Hip Hop bullshit, son. I mean, my wife likes to corrupt our house with that VH1 nonsense, but I try to keep myself pure, man. In any case, when I got wind of the fuckity-fuck shit going on in Fetty Wap‘s personal life, I paid attention. This is mainly because I’m a fan of his music, fam. With that being said, Fetty needs to get control of his households, bruh. Shit, all I know is, his baby mamas are WILIN’, folks!

Ok, I won’t lie, son. There’s no way I could explain all of the fuckery going on between Fetty and his six baby mamas. Frankly, there’s too much tomfoolery to keep up with, man. Anyway, I decided to speak on this subject when I saw what Lezhae Zeona said about Turquoise Miami‘s child. Now, keep in mind, Miami’s child is also Fetty’s child, who’s also the father of two of Zeona’s children. Essentially, during a back-and-forth between the two women, Zeona called Miami’s child a “monkey.” *Sigh* All I want to know is, what part of the game is insulting kids?

Now, the thing I don’t understand is, does Zeona not realize that by insulting Miami’s kid, she’s also insulting Fetty’s kid? Real talk, how is she supposed to have a functional relationship with the father of her children if she’s being so vile to his other kids? Keeping it a buck, such an off-the-cuff comment can have long-lasting consequences, fam. On the real, if her relationship with Fetty is thoroughly compromised after this, she shouldn’t be surprised, bruh.

Listen, Fetty needs to gain some control of the situation, son. He’s got Zeona arguing with Miami while Masika Kalysha battles it out with Alexis Skyy. All the while, I ain’t heard one new song that resembles the shit that made me a fan in the first place, man. Look, I wanna hear the next “Rewind,” fam, not a bunch of women arguing on social media. Then again, when I saw his “if ima player you a slut” comment, I knew that he’d rather be petty than man up, bruh. *Sigh* I guess that fire next album ain’t coming, people.

In the end, this is not the way adults are supposed to behave, son. Ultimately, when there are children involved, people need to act like they have some semblance of decency. By and by, Fetty Wap and ALL of his baby mamas need to chill, man. At the end of the day, these kids are gonna grow up and realize that their parents are fucktards who embarrassed themselves in public. That is all. LC out.

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