New Music Fridays: LC ‘When The Love Was New’

What’s the word, good people? Welcome back to New Music Fridays, son! Now, I must admit, today’s song represents a little bit of a milestone for me. So, when I began this series, I briefly spoke about how I started an album in 2015. Originally, I was going to release an entire project. However; as we’ve now become accustomed to, I’ve just decided to drop new joints biweekly.

In any case, today is a big deal because this particular song is the 8th and final song I wrote for that album. As a matter of fact, before I scrapped the project, this was the intended, and unfinished, track listing:

  1. Two Eyes
  2. Don’t Stop
  3. Speak Up” (featuring Zeyi)
  4. Talk About It
  5. No Sleep
  6. War
  7. All On Me
  8. “When The Love Was New”

With all of that being said, everyone should know the deal by now. “When The Love Was New” can be streamed/downloaded on SoundCloud and streamed on YouTube. Now, don’t worry, folks. This isn’t the end of New Music Fridays. I’ll still be dropping new heat every two weeks, man. As always, let’s keep the proceedings proceeding, son. LC out.

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