I Love SZA

So, since I’m late with my post today, I’ll just get straight to the point, son. I love SZA. Like, I really love SZA, man. I mean, her voice is awesome, she’s hot, her songwriting is original, she’s hot, her performance prowess is strong and she’s hot. Oh, did I mention that she’s hot? Anyway, ever since she dropped her Ctrl album three weeks ago, it’s been getting heavy airplay on this side. With that being said, everyone should have her music in rotation.

Now, for me, storytelling and introspection are key ingredients in the music that I like. Both writing tools help listeners to identify with the artist they’re listening too. In addition, tales about relationships never get old, man. Keeping it a buck, sexual preference and orientation don’t even matter, son. Everyone’s been in good and bad relationships. Shit, it’s just a part of the game, bruh. To that point, SZA does a great job of bringing fans into her world with very descriptive lyrics about her highs and lows. Ultimately, even though we’re all complex as people, she appears to be a complete open book.

Moving on, I’m also a huge fan of live instrumentation. Needless to say, all of the guitar licks and live bass runs on the album make my day, son. SZA sticks to a core group of producers and they successfully give the record a cohesive feel. Like, it doesn’t sound like some random compilation of songs that were recorded in a homie’s basement. All in all, I can see all of these songs working really well in a live setting. By and by, those type of details make an album palatable for me.

In the end, TDE doesn’t seem to miss, fam. On the real, ALL of their artists drop heat, bruh. At this point, nothing else needs to be said, son. Go support good music, fam. Lastly, she’s hot. LC out.

P.S. I played “The Weekend” for my wife and she gave me a look like “boy, if you ever, I will murder you.” So, I won’t be playing that song around her anymore. Good day.

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