New Music Fridays: LC & Zeyi ‘DAB’

So, I won’t lie, son. I’m wholeheartedly cheating on today’s release. Originally, I was going to drop a brand new joint with my homie Zeyi. However; I just didn’t have the opportunity to finish the track in time. I mean, such is life, man. In any case, instead of letting this Friday go by, I’ve decided to rerelease a previous collaboration between the two of us. Frankly, when we recorded this track a few years back, it never really got the proper rollout.

With that being said, everyone can listen to “DAB” below. Per usual, the song can be streamed/downloaded on SoundCloud and/or streamed on YouTube. Keeping it a buck, either way is cool with me, fam. Anyway, I’ll be back next go round with the jam I was supposed to drop today. Until then, let’s keep the proceedings proceeding, son. LC out.


One response to “New Music Fridays: LC & Zeyi ‘DAB’

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