So… Beyoncé Is Having Twins, Huh?

Look, I won’t lie, son. I get supreme enjoyment out of seeing people lose their shit any time Beyoncé does something. At this point, she might really be a religion now, man. With that being said, I’m having a ton of good laughs while watching the world’s reaction to her pregnancy announcement. Excuse me, her “our family is growing by two” announcement. Honestly, there’s no congratulatory message I could give that would match the fever currently sweeping the internet. So, why don’t I just let the people talk and keep the jokes rolling, son. Below are my favorite responses to Beyoncé’s pregnancy news.

Welp, that’s all I got today, folks. Ain’t much else to say around here, bruh. The internet always wins, man. I’m just sitting back and watching the show, son. I’ll probably get back to my regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. Good day.

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