Lawrence Crosby: The Black Man Who Stole His Own Car

Ok, let’s skip the pleasantries, son. The arrest of Lawrence Crosby, an innocent Black college student, makes me want to break things. Like, I have so many things to say about this incident that I don’t know where to start, man. I’m tired, son. I’m fucking tired, exhausted, spent and every other appropriate adjective. Why can’t Black people just be treated like people by law enforcement? Why are we always criminalized? Why are we always treated with such BLATANT disrespect? All in all, Crosby’s arrest is just ANOTHER example of how the system is designed to victimize us.

Now, let’s start at the beginning. On one particular evening, there was an issue with the molding of Crosby’s car. With that being said, he tried to fix it with a metal bar. At the same time, Blake Murphy, a White woman, assumed Crosby was breaking into this car and called 911. She knew she was wrong from the start because she stated that she didn’t want to seem like she was racial profiling. However; the first thing she told the police was that the individual was African-American and wearing a black hood. Now, with all of the evidence they needed, the cops sprung into action.

So, when police arrived on the scene, instead of verifying who the car belonged to, they tackled Crosby to the ground. Right before this, Crosby got out of the car with his hands up and tried to get to his dash-cam to record the incident. I’ve seen some detractors criticize him for making this move, but video evidence is the only weapon we have against police brutality. The fucked up thing is, even when we have full documentation of our oppression, the actions of the police are always justified.

Moving on, while Crosby was on the ground, he desperately tried to tell the cops he had documentation to prove the car was his. In spite of this, they decided to ignore his pleas and placed him in handcuffs. When he asked the officers why he was being handcuffed, they told him that they needed to verify that the car wasn’t stolen. Once they concluded the car was indeed his, they STILL didn’t let Crosby go. Instead, the cops arrested him for disobeying officers and resisting arrest. To make matters worse, one of the cops actually told Crosby that he’s lucky they didn’t shoot him.

*Sigh* Good fucking Lord, man! My head is killing me right now. Now, despite the fact the charges against Crosby were eventually thrown out, the police department determined their officers were following protocol. Man, what part of the rule book tells an officer they can threaten to shoot someone for no identifiable reason? This man got tackled, beaten and arrested for trying to steal his own car! Look, I don’t give a fuck about any of the idiots who talk about compliance, man! Why the fuck do we always have to bend over backwards for these coward ass cops when we aren’t doing anything wrong? Why can’t they just leave us the fuck alone?!

All I know is, there isn’t one scenario I can think of where a Black person is safe. When we run, we’re targeted. When we stand still, we’re targeted. When we talk, we’re targeted. When we have our hands up, we’re targeted. There’s literally NOTHING we can do that will prevent us from potentially being a victim. It’s a completely helpless feeling, man. I guess this is just another story I’ll have to tell my sons as preparation. Thanks again, America. I’m out.

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