What Did Bobby Shmurda Do Exactly?

No lie, I’m confused, son. I saw the latest news regarding Bobby Shmurda’s case and I couldn’t help but scratch my head. I’m still not sure about what this dude is in jail for. Now, I’m reading he took a seven-year plea deal and my Rock eyebrow is in full effect. If I were a betting man, I’d put money down on the idea that Bobby and company are about to do a bid over their lyrics. If that’s the case, rappers need to pay CLOSE attention to what’s happening here, son. Shit just got real.

Now, for those who are unaware, Bobby and several of his GS9 associates have been in jail since the end of 2014. After having an amazing year due to the success of “Hot Nigga,” Bobby and his crew were arrested for conspiracy and gun possession charges. The possession charge stems from a gun that was found at a music video shoot. In addition, the conspiracy charges stem from police alleging that Bobby was the “driving force” behind numerous GS9 crimes. As an example, just earlier this year, Rashid Derissant, a noted friend of Shmurda’s, was sentenced to 98 years in prison for multiple shootings. All in all, the cops tried to pin the entire operation on Bobby’s neck. Judging from the plea deal, it looks like they succeeded, to an extent.

Here’s my thing: I have yet to see any evidence regarding Bobby’s direct, or indirect, involvement in criminal activity. From what I see, outside of some violent lyrics and noted associations with a few nefarious characters, police don’t seem to have any proof of wrongdoing. Hell, if the cops are going to put people in jail for knowing a couple of criminals, then I guess I belong behind bars too. Also, in terms of the gun possession charge, how is it that Bobby and his co-defendants all took the L for the same gun? If everyone is being held responsible, that means the cops have no idea who the gun actually belongs to, man. Nah, son, I ain’t sipping the Kool-Aid, bro.

Honestly, I think Bobby’s lawyers pushed him to make this deal. Even in the reports I read, several people overheard the lawyers trying to convince the crew to take the offer. In their eyes, seven years is a lot better than fifty. Now, this may be true, but what actual proof do the prosecutors have in the first place, man? This concession just smells of fear, bro. I think these dudes are just young and scared of the prospect of a lengthy sentence. For me, conspiracy is way too broad of a charge, son. Show me some receipts, man. My analytical side needs it.

Ultimately, while I may not have anything invested in this particular situation, I still find it odd. I didn’t know someone could be the “leader” of a gang based off of some song lyrics. If this is where we are now, more rappers need to realize the gravity of the situation. Watch what you say, bro. No one knows when those rhymes will be used as evidence in a court of law. It’s way too real out here, son. Good day.

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