Please, Short-Circuit Hillary Clinton’s Mic


Ok, I think it’s time we have a candid conversation about Hillary Clinton. There’s an ugly truth Democrats don’t want to admit about their presidential nominee: a loooooooot of people straight up don’t like her, son. The problem is, more than a few of her actions don’t necessarily help her cause at all. At this point, her email server scandal shouldn’t be news to anyone. That situation alone causes certain Democrats to flatly look over her and a ton of Republicans to call for her to be hung in Times Square. With that being said, the former Secretary of State doesn’t seem to know how to remedy her own dilemmas. Now, if anyone needs any more proof, her latest “short-circuit” should give people a clear example of her real issue.

Ever since the FBI investigation into her private email server, Clinton has been telling everyone who would listen that director James Comey said all of her statements regarding the matter have been “truthful.” However; that is definitely NOT what the director said. In actuality, he said she was “extremely careless” with her actions and couldn’t really comment on her public assertions. In addition, while she maintains the facade she never shared any classified information in her emails, Comey’s findings directly contradict that theory. Frankly, the final conclusion was the fact that Hillary’s shit stinks, but not enough for the bureau to drape her in an orange jumpsuit.

So, now that I’ve gotten all of that information out of the way, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Honestly speaking, if this were a normal election, and if Donald Trump wasn’t a raging psychopath, Clinton would be in real danger of being unelectable. Simply combine the fact she’s been a Washington, D.C. constant since the Stone Age and a high percentage of Americans don’t seem to trust her, not a lot of folks really feel enthused to give her their vote. At this point, I can’t even recall the amount of times I’ve heard people say they’re only voting for her to prevent Trump’s bid to destroy the planet. That doesn’t sound like much faith in her candidacy, son. I truly believe if she were up against a more solid opponent, she’d be left in the dust. Hell, ain’t that what happened with President Obama all those years ago? In the beginning, no one really thought some upstart senator from Chicago could derail her campaign. Alas, eight years later, she’s still trying to get into that Oval Office, man. Shiiiiit, maybe the writing has been on the wall when it comes to her.

In the end, voting for the “lesser of two evils” may seem like the right thing to do, but I’d be lying if I said this shit wasn’t mentally draining, son. Why do the candidates for the two most visible political parties suck sooooo much, man? Forget it, though. I might just have to run for president myself. I can’t possibly be any worse than these two individuals. Good day.

3 responses to “Please, Short-Circuit Hillary Clinton’s Mic

  1. True… but to fault a politician for not being completely honest or one who’s “shit stinks” is like faulting a dog for barking. Those attributes are rampant among the political community. Show me an honest politician and 9 times out of 10 I’ll show an accomplished liar. Now the dog analogy was used purposefully as there are dogs who can’t bark and there are politicians who are transparent, as I am one of those who still feel the Bern. These politicians like non barking dogs, however, are far and few between. I can’t help but thinking if Hillary was male she would be under a lot less scrutiny for her carelessness.

    • I’d be fronting if I said I didn’t believe some of the slack she gets is because she’s a woman. I also think it’s because she’s been in the game for so long and has a long résumé to be judged. Whether it was backing certain questionable Bill Clinton policies in the ’90s, Benghazi & now this email stuff, her issue is years & years of material for people to sift through. The average person feels like they already know everything they need to know about her, so there isn’t really much she can do to change the minds of people who already think they know. But yeah, I do think all politicians have some dirt they’re hiding. Her problem is, everyone gets tired of the same ol’ politicians after awhile.

      • Agreed. I’ve heard the same if not eerily similar rhetoric dressed up differently every four years. I’ve personally grown tired of it. Refreshing platforms like Stein and Sanders are a pleasure for me to hear. Btw, I feel the Jill also, if it wasn’t already obvious. Sadly voting for the lesser evil seems to be a norm in politics that’s been established a long time ago. Nonetheless, finding someone or a some group that everyone can hate is a great way to galvanize the masses to do what you want them too, in this case vote. History has also shown this method is not easily contained and can be very dangerous. The idea that people create a connection based on shared negative views of another is a very dangerous one. This election scares me but not just because of the candidates. It’s the idea that the political and social climate could very well change because of it. What that change will look like is beyond me. It’s also just as scary if it doesn’t change, the stagnation continues and everything remains the same.

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