Don’t Give Trump The Nukes!

Ok, this has gone too far now. Over the course of Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign, he’s made a multitude of mind-numbingly idiotic comments. He’s made sooooo many ridiculous statements, there’s literally no way for me to document them all in a blog post. With that being said, up until this point, it’s all been under the guise of freedom of speech. In our wonderful country, we all have the right to utter just about any type of foolishness our hearts desire. However; when questionable intelligence is brought to the subject of nuclear weapons, we all need to be exceedingly afraid. So, I’m pleading with everyone in the entire United States: DON’T GIVE TRUMP THE DAMN NUCLEAR CODES!

Now, I’m not going to lie to anyone out there, man. When I heard Morning Joe Scarborough tell a story about Trump’s previous meeting with a foreign policy expert, I huddled in a corner crying from pure fear. Apparently, while this expert was giving Trump a crash course on international relations, Trump asked this individual on three different occasions why we couldn’t simply use our nuclear weapons. So, let me get this straight, son. Trump is receiving valuable knowledge about foreign policy and his FIRST reaction is to drop a nuke on someone? As in, take an action that hasn’t been taken anywhere in the world since the US did it to Japan twice in 1945? THAT’S his solution, son? Is anyone else out there freaking out about this, man?!

Look, just in case people are missing my point, let me explain myself a little more. It’s one thing to say wild things on the campaign trail. For God‘s sake, he’s a television “star.” He’s programmed to say and do things that’ll generate the most amount of attention. It’s something ENTIRELY different to be in a real meeting about issues that could potentially arise during a presidency and respond in such fashion. I’m actually not being facetious when I say this man might start World War 3 if he becomes president. I’m absolutely convinced that if he were elected, he would launch a nuke at some foreign country. In case people forgot, a presidential term is four years. FOUR years, man! If Trump is acting like this now, he will DEFINITELY press the button at some point during his presidency.

Listen, people, I know there are a variety of subjects that cause contention in this country, but this can’t be one of them. This man CANNOT become president. Forget race, gender, religious beliefs or whether you prefer Coke or Pepsi, this man is going to endanger us all. This isn’t a joke, son. This is Code Red, man! Code fucking Red! Now, for anyone who thinks this is a game, don’t call me for shelter when the left side of America has been blown off. I won’t help any naysayers during armageddon, bruh. Trust me, I’m already preparing for the worst. Good day, I hope…

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