So, Uh, What Is Frank Ocean Doing?

Frank Ocean is really testing people’s patience, man. There’s only so many times an artist can tease us fans about a long-awaited album before we start throwing lamps and drop kicking folks in the midsection. Ok, look, I’m not advocating violence, but dammit, where’s the album, Frank?! All I can say is, if Boys Don’t Cry doesn’t drop on Friday, as alleged, I might have to do some bodily harm to someone.

At this point, Frank has been playing with our emotions for far too long. I first heard about this album back in 2013. At that time, the record didn’t have a title, but he was apparently actively working on the follow-up to channel ORANGE. Seeing as how I’ve been an unabashed fan of this dude’s music since nostalgia,ULTRA., I was looking for that new crack to give me my fix. Side bar, “We All Try” is one of the best songs to ever happen to humanity. In any case, 2013 came and went. Then, 2014 came and went. Next, in April of 2015, he announced the album would drop in July. Guess what happened, son? That’s right! Not a cotdamn thing.

Now, Mr. Ocean surfaced again last night, in an Apple Music-sponsored live stream, where homie proceeded to live out his dreams of being a high school wood shop teacher. Look, Frank, if you’re reading this, I don’t care if you build a staircase, a table or a Donatello bo staff. Just give us the music, man! That’s all we really want, bro. Save the shenanigans for another time. As fans, we’ll put up with just about any amount of tomfoolery, as long as we get our high. Hell, at this point, that’s the only justification for why we put up with half of the shit Kanye West does. As long as the album comes out, we’ll be perfectly content.

I literally have nothing else to say, son. I just want the music. Point-blank and end of discussion. For now, I will be impatiently waiting for Friday. Good day.

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