Stop B*tching, Drake!

Disclaimer: Who the hell are Drake’s friends and why would they allow him to take that picture? Come the fuck on, son! Not OK! It wasn’t cool when 2Pac did it, and it damn sure isn’t cool now. All rappers should leave bubble baths alone. Thank you.

I can’t lie, I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I haven’t gotten a chance to address this issue sooner. It’s not a serious issue, but I personally think Aubrey should quit his unnecessary bitching. Side note, I’m calling him Aubrey for the rest of this post. In any case, he’s making too much money and having too much success to be this much of a sucker in public, son. Now, what am I referring to exactly? Aubrey’s hissy fit in Rolling Stone Magazine. Recently, he blew up at Macklemore for his text apology to Kendrick Lamar over his Best Rap Album victory at the Grammys. According to Aubrey, it was “wack as fuck,” and if anything, Mack owed every artist in that category an apology. However, Aubrey’s response was by far one of the most hoetastic moments I’ve seen in quite some time and I’ll explain why.

Now, please understand, I’m acutely aware of the diatribe I had against Macklemore a few weeks ago. However, if you read that post, you’d see my anger wasn’t toward Haggerty himself, but the establishment he’s currently benefitting from. Aubrey, on the other hand, doesn’t really have a problem with Macklemore. His problem is actually with Kendrick but he’s too much of a herb to come out and admit it. Ever since “Control” took over the world, Aubrey’s been trying to downplay Kendrick’s relevance and dismiss how much the verse actually affected him. Somehow, Aubrey never got the memo battling is a part of Hip Hop and he shouldn’t take it so personally.

With that being said, here’s one of my main issues with Aubrey’s response: he knows damn well Kendrick’s album was the favorite for Best Rap Album. good kid, m.A.A.d city was, and still is, the album EVERYONE has been talking about ever since it dropped. Don’t give me that shit about Mack owing everyone an apology. Even in the middle of his silly rant, he still couldn’t give Kendrick his just due. Although I enjoyed Nothing Was The Same, NOBODY thought it would beat GKMC, son. Aubrey needs to stop the unnecessary fronting, immediately. If he really has that much of a problem with K.Dot, just fess up to it, son. That’s what real men do. I don’t know what this hoe shit is, bruh. Leave that passive-aggressive behavior to elementary school children.

Another thing, Aubrey’s been dissed by countless rappers since he’s entered the game and he wants to go buck on Macklemore? The dude who raps about Goodwill stores and same-sex marriage?! Where was this aggression when Common called him “Canada Dry?” Where was this aggression when “Control” dropped? Where was this aggression when Pusha T was going hamburger on him? All of this tough talk was nowhere to be found, son. Only subliminal lines he wouldn’t even own up to. Now he wants to attack the most jovial rapper in the world? Get the fuck out of here, kid!

In the end, while I’m still an unabashed fan of Aubrey’s music, I’ll always call a spade a spade. Maybe his “friends” won’t do it, but fuck it, I’m looking out for him. Clearly, he needs my advice. In any case, let me get back to real life. Until next time, good people.

F*ck You, Macklemore!

Let me start this post by saying I’m actually a fan of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Honestly, I cringe when I read the comments section on most Hip Hop blogs. The amount of racist and sexist statements made about these dudes on a regular basis is absolutely mind-boggling. In any case, the diatribe I’m about to engage in isn’t directed at them, exactly. It’s more so directed at the tomfoolerous industry bullshit they happen to benefit from. With that being said, don’t judge me as I rant while listening to “Neon Cathedral.”

Now, I can’t lie, son. I’m having some trouble formulating my thoughts right now. Firstly, because I’m just getting over acute bronchitis and borderline pneumonia. Meaning, my body weary, son. Secondly, because I simply can’t understand anyone who would think Macklemore’s The Heist was a better Rap-anything than Kendrick Lamar‘s good kid, m.A.A.d city. Yes, Mack had the bigger radio records, but I’m sick of Pop-appeal overwriting legitimate quality. I mean, run down the line, son! Kendrick had better rhymes, flows, stories, concepts, beats, features, cohesion, and not to mention, his father was fucking hilarious on the skits. What more could you ask for, man? How could Mack win Best Rap Album over that?! When it comes to Hip Hop, we’re going to be talking about Kendrick’s album 10 years from now. You think the culture is going to give a shit about “Thrift Shop?” I highly doubt it, bruh. Even Mack knows he shouldn’t have won that award. What else needs to be said? This is yet another example of Black culture being appropriated and our pertinent players being usurped. Thanks, America!

In the end, fuck Macklemore, fuck Ryan Lewis, fuck the Grammys as a staff, record label and as a motherfucking crew. And you if you want to be down with the Grammys, then fuck you too! Ok, I didn’t mean any of that. I listened to “Hit ‘Em Up” before I wrote this. Blame it on 2Pac, man! All in all, last night was another L for Hip Hop. Then again, why am I even surprised? Muhfuckas never luhed us, son! Good day.