I’m Shutting Down My Blog

For all of the people who have supported my site from the very beginning, I regretfully inform you I will no longer write for and maintain this blog. While it was a fun experience while it lasted, I do not believe I am setting a positive example by the language I use and the topics I choose to discuss. I have made certain friends and family members uncomfortable due to some of my views and I’d rather keep those relationships intact than further damage our respective bonds.

As I previously stated, I want to thank any and every single person who took the time to read my words. With the bevy of entertainment and information that surrounds us on a constant basis, no one had to support me in the least. For that, I will always be grateful. Now that my blogging days are over, I’m going to take some time to see what my next move will be. All in all, I’m just hoping whatever path I follow will be something that can uplift instead of criticize. I’m making it my life’s mission to think and operate at a higher level.

In the end, everything I’ve just said in this post is complete bullshit, man. None of this basura even made sense, son. I’m definitely not shutting down the site and I shall continue to try and agitate as many people as I possibly can. There are still way more individuals to ether, bro. My good work must continue. In any case, April Fools’, bitches!